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This is a Misunderstood Character.

Laing Candle was a member of the 1937 Midnight Society. He appeared in the three part episode arc "The Tale of the Silver Sight.


Back in the 1930's Laing along with his friends, Gene, Bruce McGorrill, Eleanor Gregory and Donna Tilton, formed their own secret club called The Midnight Society. A secret club to which they would get together late at night and tell their most scary, frightening and creepiest stories. Soon he would enlist into the army and serve in the army (most likely the Second World War) in which later he would soon grew up to become a rich war hero.

The Silver Sight[]

Laing and his friends, had soon summoned an Evil Demon who gave them an evil charm. The Charm was known as The Silver Sight, he and his friends all used the charm, to get what they wished for and improve their luck. However, he and his friends didn't know that the charm was evil, and would soon cause them nothing bad but luck and misery. It's believed that he may have used the charm to cause an athlete named Vince many accidents and bad luck. Therefore, he could steal his girlfriend Donna Tilton. He may not have been aware of all the pain and suffering he had caused for Vince. Soon he and Donna were in a car accident and he survived but she didn't. Also, he somehow stole a beautiful portrait of Donna that Vince had drawn.

Then soon, his friend Bruce carefully hid the charm. Then afterwards, Bruce tragically died after he hid it and he and his group of friends disbanded. This caused the Evil Demon to vanish. He wasn't told where the charm was hidden, but he was given a partial hint on a piece of broken record. His piece said: "Not all the eyes are brown".

Years later, with old age (or injuries) he seemed worn down and was confined to a wheelchair. Also, he lived a successful rich life as a war hero. Many of his friends passed on before him, and he was very sorry to hear Gary and Tucker's grandfather has died. He stated that he never thought he would "go" before him. He complimented them on how much they both resembled their grandfather, and gave them a copy of the original 1937 Midnight Society as souvenir.

He was well of the The Evil Demon's presence and offered to help Gary and Tucker track down the charm to destroy it. He offered to give them his record piece, but suddenly sensed it was too dangerous for the children and tried to find all the clues himself.

He went to desperate measures, as far as breaking into Gene's house and scaring his widowed wife out of her skin. He tore her house apart. However, he didn't harm her. He just kept shouting at her demanding her to give him Gene's piece of the record. Soon enough he gave up and ran, when he sensed she may have called the police.

Then soon, he found out where the Gregory family was hiding in the sewers from the authorities and banks and loan sharks. He then scared them all away by threatening to report them to the authorities. He tore their place apart, and he soon encountered Megan. Megan wouldn't cooperate with him and he proved that he was perfectly able to walk and being in a wheelchair was all a ruse. He then dangerously chased Megan down a dark sewer tunnel demanding her to leave things to him, until she lost him.

Soon, late at night at the Playland Amusement park, he followed the Midnight Society there. When just as the Evil Demon in the form of the Waif Kid, was about to convince them to start using the Silver Sight. He was accused as being the group traitor (being the only one of them still alive), and The Waif Kid tried to persuade Gary to banish his soul into the Charm. He confessed his wrong doings, but claimed that he was just concerned and was trying to help them by finding it first.

Gary soon realized he wasn't the true enemy, but the Waif Kid was because Laing never asked them to use the charm. He watched in horror and shock as all the captured souls were released. Soon he congratulated Gary on his good judgement stating that his Grandfather would have been proud of him.


  • James Bradford also portrayed Shandu.