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This is a neutral character.

Laura is a character created by Andy. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Hunted".


Laura is a country girl. She is best friends with Diana. She has a strained connection with Diana's other friend Gar. She loves animals and believes that hunting for sport is wrong. Also she may have studied Shaman magic. Or she has another friend who is or knows a Shaman.

During the events of the story, Laura informed her that she would soon be going onto a camping trip with her father Grant, Gar and Gar's dad Hank who were all hunters. The hunters were in pursue of The Blaze: a legendary wolf, that hunters have been after for years, but it always outsmarts them and gets away.

When Diana told her that she would be hunting, she was horrified by the idea and she immediately expressed her concern and disapproval. She tried to convince Diana and Gar that it wasn't the olden days anymore. So people didn't have to hunt for food anymore.

After getting off of the bus, Gar told her that when being out in the wild, hunting is used for survival. She defensively snapped back and told him that you can always remember to pack a lunch, while being out in the woods. Gar then told her that it was also about protection. Since wolves such as The Blaze were dangerous. She snapped back saying there had been no reports in years of wolf attacks. So she just knows that they just like to harm and kill innocent creatures.

Then Gar tried to explain to her that hunters don't always shoot their prey. They sometimes set up traps and snares. Then she replied back by saying that the poor creatures could be traps for weeks, starving and frightened. Then when they are found, they are usually clubbed to death. Gar then protests that the killing process is quick and painless. She argued back by saying that "They wouldn't think that if it was happening to them".

Also during this time, the Blaze, had been lurking around the woods. It was no ordinary wolf. It was actually a spiritual animal and a protector of the woods. It was looking for a hunter to teach a lesson to by changing him or her into a wolf to show them how it felt to be hunted. Due to her strong connection with animals, she either summoned it, or she had just became aware of its presence. Then she either used Shaman magic or she a magical charm bought from a Shaman that she knew from a local Native American tribe. The beautiful charm was a wolf perched on a man-in-the moon face. Which was tied to a string and could be worn like a necklace. She planned to give the charm to Diana, hoping that she would become a wolf herself.

The next day, she wandered through the woods looking for Diana, when she stumbled upon Gar with Diana. Coming out from the trees she startled them. Gar expressed his angered concern by telling her that it isn't funny to sneak up on hunters in the woods. Since he very well could have been holding his rifle. Therefore he could have mistakenly shot her. She scoffed it off as if to say "Yeah right! As if you would really shot me!". After Gar, left she sat down to talk to Diana and gave her the charm.

She explained to her that Native Americans believe that wolves have ancient mystical powers. Unlike any other creature. Hearing this Diana asked her if she believed it. She replied by saying that the Native Americans respect wolves, and she believed that they should too. As Diana examined the charm, the face's eyes glowed pale blue and became more wolf-like. A second later, it returned to normal. Then she asked her how she really felt about hunting. Diana was uncertain: She say that she didn't think it was wrong, she just didn't want to let her father down. Most of all Diana didn't want to let Gar down either (hoping to impress him).

The next day, she rode over to Diana's on her bicycle. When she arrived, she saw Diana's father looking angry and devastated. Diana's father told her that a wolf had been in the house and it scared Diana and chased her into the woods. She was alarmed by this. Then she observed Diana's father get into his vehicle and search for his daughter claiming that he was gonna kill the wolf that scared away his daughter. She then went into the house to investigate. There she found the charm that she gave Diana the day before. She noticed that the charm now resembled Diana's face and she didn't seem too surprised. It was almost like she expected it to happen.

Then she sat on the porch waiting to see if Diana would come home. Soon she saw that a beautiful female wolf had arrived. She was not aware at first that this wolf was really Diana. But she was still friendly to her and got her some water. She then began to pet the wolf and help it feel more relaxed. Until Diana's father came home and honked the horn.

Now she could see that Diana's father was furious. He approached the wolf with a large club held high over his head. The wolf could only back away as he came near. She yelled out that this wolf didn't do any harm. But Diana's father insisted that the wolf caused Diana's disappearance and that it was in his house, and definitely did harm her. Then she observed the wolf back away. Until it caught her right paw in a trap.

Suddenly she realized that the wolf was Diana and that the charm really had worked! After Diana's father surprisingly put down his club, when the wolf gazed her recognizable eyes into his eyes. Then she and Gar rushed forward and freed Diana. At this point, she realized that her friend had learned her lesson on how it felt to be hunted. So she used the charm on her she instantly changed back. Then she and Diana hugged. As The Blaze watched from afar.


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