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This good character,
is a poltergeist!

Laura Turner also known as The Quicksilver  is a character created by Kiki. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Quicksilver".


When Laura tried rid her home of an evil spirit, her room caught on fire and she burnt to death. After 2 years Aaron Johnston and his family moved into that house.

Aaron and his brother Doug find her yearbook inside a hidden panel at the bottom of the wall. Right beside her sister's picture was her picture with a big Q drawn around it.

About 2 years ago before Aaron Johnston's family moved in Laura and her twin sister Connie's family moved into the house. Laura began telling everyone it was haunted. She found out the house was built over an old cemetery and an evil creature living in the walls. Laura was really sick, she had a very bad cold and fever. The doctors didn't know what was wrong. Laura said it was the ghost doing it, but nobody believed her they all thought it was the fever making her crazy and hallucinate.

Laura decided that once and for all she had to get rid of the evil demonic ghost herself. One night Laura got a book on magic and she lit some candles and burned some incenses in a brazier. She did everything properly, She lit the candles, she had the incense burning in the brazier and she said the proper incantations she needed to say.

However, when the Evil Demon was summoned, she made her wand with what she thought was a silver spoon. The wand didn't work and the Evil Demon wouldn't obey, or stand still or enter the amulet as she kept repeating the incantation for over and over again.

The Evil Demon, slowly walked to her closer and closer to claim her soul. She got scared and backed away and knocked over a burning candle. Soon the bedroom caught fire and was burning in flames. Her door was sealed shut by the Demon's power and she was trapped. She pounded and pounded until the Demon closed in on her and she died in the fire.

Soon it was slowly revealed that she became a good ghost called The Quicksilver. A Quicksilver is said to be a teenage girl ghost known for leaving the letter Q on a wall in whatever place they haunt.

When the Johnston family moved in, one night when Aaron Johnston was sleeping she projected a vision of the night she tried to trap the Evil Demon. Aaron at first thought she was her sister Connie and had no idea what was going on. Near the end when she was sealed in her room and trapped in the bedroom fire she turns around to Aaron and told him "I was wrong! I did it wrong!"

Doug Johnston was very sick now with a bad cold and fever just like she had, and was also becoming a victim of the Evil Demon who causes illnesses and takes lives. It was gradually revealed that she too was haunting her old bedroom. As a Quicksilver, she was a good ghost. She was trying to help the sick and save lives such as magically refilling Doug's water glass.

Soon, after her sister Connie realizes that Aaron Johnston and his younger brother Doug needed her help to save his little brother's, she came over to their old house and re-did Laura's magic ritual and spells step-by-step. Until they realized what Laura meant by saying "I did it wrong" was that she made the wand with a steel spoon instead of a silver spoon. When the wand was finally attached with a silver necklace, it worked properly and trapped the Evil Demon.

Then at the end, Laura's ghost appears out of the wall and Connie apologizes to her for not believing her. Then Laura takes the amulet for safekeeping and Connie tells her she misses her and the Turner Sisters blow each other a kiss and touch hands for the last time. Knowing no matter what, they'll always be sisters and she will always be in Connie's heart. 

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