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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Laurel is a character created by Betty Ann. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Mystical Mirror".


Laurel along with two other girls: Tannis and Vicki all worked together in Ms. Valenti's Boutique and Beauty Shop. Which was owned and ran by the beautiful Ms. Valenti.

Soon, Ms. Valenti, had told she and Vicki that for some reason, Tannis decided to quit her job and run away from home. Laurel, saw this as a chance to help her plain looking and average friend Cindy find herself a job there. Laurel lent her watch to Vicki for a week. However she needed it back sooner. Since she soon had a date one upcoming night with her boyfriend. However when Ms. Valenti showed them how great Cindy looked after getting a makeover this distracted them. So she didn't get her watch back.

When she eventually went to get her watch back, Ms. Valenti distracted her. She got her to sit down and look at and try on a very pretty new flowered hat. Then she was convinced to gaze into the mystical mirror. This allowed her to willing drink a potion that Ms. Vanlenti offered to her. Along with Tannis and Vicki, Ms. Valenti had recognized her as a true beauty. Soon Cindy who came with her convinced her to leave with her. She only realized too late that, Ms. Valenti was a witch. Also that something was now wrong with. After she had drank the potion.

Eventually, the potion quickly took effect. She began to feel really sick. She felt a lot of pain in her stomach. Then her eyes began to glow. As she screamed, until she howled and turned into a dog.

Then Ms. Valenti captured her, then she was locked up into a cage along with Tannis and Vicki who had also suffered the same fate. Ms. Valenti was performing a dark magic ritual. She was planning to sacrifice her and the other two girls as helpless and defenseless dogs to steal their youth and beauty, which would enable Ms. Valenti to keep herself young and beautiful forever.

Eventually, she along with the two other girls who became dogs were freed and changed back to normal after her friend Cindy destroyed The Mystical Mirror and defeated Ms. Valenti.


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