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This good character is a heroine.

Laurie Napier is a character created by Kiki. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Quiet Librarian".


Laurie is a mature and very smart and hardworking student. Some of her peers look down on her as a brainiac and a geek. During the events of the story, her history teacher assigned her class to all work together in groups on a assignment. She found out she has was paired up to work with a jock named Jace Ellman, whom she had a slight attraction to. Her friend Carla felt sorry for her. She warned her that he was arrogant and conceited, but she didn’t think so.

Later on in the hallway during class change Jace is laughing as he listens to Brian making fun of her. Just so happens she and Carla came along. So she heard what they said. Now she was offended and really mad. She now realized that her friend was right about him. So she became unfriendly cold to him.

Next we see her reluctantly working with Jace on their assignment in the library. She worked hard, while Jace just sat around, and didn't do much. She then coldly asked him to go to the basement to find some books they would need.

She later met up with him at the photocopy machine, and she was surprised to see he wore reading glasses. She smiled realizing maybe they were not too different after all. Then after getting the books, she was cold and insisted that since she was the smart one; she should do all the work. He got mad at her for treating him like a kid and he storms off and leaves. Outside the library, she caught up with him and demanded he give her books back, She said that their teamwork just wasn't working out, and one of them has to do it. Mad he handed her the books and walked away.

When school ended for the day, she realized that Jace still had her notebook. She found Jace at football practice and asked him where her notebook was. She needed it to finish the assignment. He told her that he forgot it in the library basement earlier. Then she and Jace agreed to meet later to go and get it back.

When she and Jace mat at the library at 7:00 pm the doors were locked. Neither she nor Jace knew that the library would closed at 7:00 pm. She got very upset and mad because without her notebook, for the first time in her life she would fail an assignment. Jace decided to try and make it up to her and break into the library through one of the windows. Although she objected, he insisted on doing so to make it up to her. Then suddenly an upstairs window just happened to be open.

She and Jace climbed up the wall pipe and carefully went inside. She suddenly pointed out that all modern technology and devices were missing. Then she went down to the basement to find her notebook. She had to use an old lit kerosene lamp to light their path. There are a lot less books now, and the room is a lot cleaner. Also the path to the Quiet Reading Room can now be seen. Then she unlocked the door to the Quiet Reading Room, and she and Jace looked inside.

The room was like an ancient tomb covered in thick and spider webs. Then she and Jace were horrified from what they saw. At the table were the ghosts of children. Two of them, in old-fashioned clothing, woke up and resumed reading. Also a boy named Timmy and a teenage girl named Natalie who disappeared a few days ago were there too. They looked at her and Jace, opened their mouths to scream but no sound could be heard. She and Jace were terrified and ran off.

Then she thought that see could see the librarian Mrs. Hurley, so she called out to her. Turns out it was not Mrs. Hurley. Instead, it was the Quiet Librarian: The vengeful spirit of a very strict and abusive librarian who hated any noise and trapped it into her small magic box. Also she locks away any disruptive people into the quiet reading room, using it as a prison. Timmy had mistakenly released her spirit a few days before, when he cleared the blockage to the door to the Quiet Reading Room.

After the Quiet Librarian captured Jace's voice with a containment box, she grabbed him and they ran away. Then they barricade the door with a bookcase. Then they realize all the windows were locked, and all the phones and fire alarms were gone. So they couldn't call for help.

Jace hand signaled for her to run and hide upstairs. Hearing the noise of her footsteps, the Quiet Librarian followed her. She hid inside a book section and became so scared and nervous that her heart was pounding. The Quiet Librarian followed the sound of her heartbeat. Soon she saw the Quiet Librarian approaching Jace. So she told her to leave him alone. Then the Quiet Librarian stole her voice too.

Then Laurie takes out Jace's noisy sound effects toy that she confiscated earlier. Now she constantly plays one irritating sound after another. This really irritated the Quiet Librarian. So she and Jace kept on passing the toy back and forth to each other. It would seems the sounds are playing too fast to be captured, and The Quiet Librarian got really annoyed and kept on asking them to stop. At first she pleaded for them to stop, and then got really angry.

Then she threw a small statue at the Quiet librarian. She reacted in pain, dropping the magic box on the floor. Laurie tried to take it but it wouldn't move. Then the box overloaded hearing all those constant sounds. Then a beam of light flashed out. Then all the faces of all the people that were captured over the years were freed from the box. This destroyed the Quiet Librarian, and all that was left were some burnt bits and smoking ashes.

Then a Security Guard showed up. He was mad, asking both she and Jace what they were both doing there. She and Jace were relieved to both have their voices back. Their excuse for being there, was that they've found the missing children. They take the security guard to the basement and show him where the hidden door behind the bookcase is. The Guard was shocked to find it because the room hadn't been opened for many years.

When the door opened, Timmy and Natalie both exited with their voices restored and feeling shocked about what happened. The security guard asks them to stay put while he goes off to make a report about it.

Soon, a group of police officers are investigating the library from top to bottom, She tells Jace that no one is ever going to believe them, and she says that they make a pretty good team after all and Jace agrees. A police officer returns her notebook to her, which she’s thrilled to get back. When they leave the library they happily agree to work together writing their assignment.


  • Shannon Duff is the older sister of Kerry Duff, and Kerry Duff portrayed Nicki.
  • Shannon Duff would later star as Allison Baldwin on the PBS Kids show Kratts' Creatures in 1996.

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