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This is a Misunderstood Character.

Leonid is a character created by Betty Ann. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Thirteenth Floor".


Leonid, is a member of a race of Blank Faced Aliens, a peaceful and friendly group of aliens. Ten years prior to the events of the story, his friends Raymond and his wife Olga visited Earth. In which during this time, they mistakenly left their infant daughter behind when returning to their home planet.

Then in the year 1993, he and his friends had gathered enough of their atmosphere to return to earth to rescue their daughter who was now known as Karin.

He and his friends Olga and Raymond, rented the entire thirteenth floor of the apartment building. They set it all up with colorful games and gadgets. They invited her to come up and visit it (under the pretense that it was a new toy company), and that she was invited to come test the toys. The truth was, these were just gadgets and machines designed to help Karin come back to her senses and regain her true powers before returning home.

He posed as a new elevator man replacing the building's usual elevator man Gus. He was very pleasant, friendly patient and polite. He tried to persuade Karin to take the elevator, but she and her brother didn't trust him yet and took the stairs going down. Eventually, Karin came after receiving an invitation. However, he wasn't expecting her to bring her adopted brother Billy (who was a normal human) with her.

Later on, after Karin escaped Raymond's clutches from being sent on their ship,  He encountered her and freaked her out showing her his alien hand, proving his was one of the aliens too. He didn't tell Karin the truth about who she was, he just kept trying to persuade her to climb onto the ship and return back to their home planet with him.

He also explained to her that the planet was beautiful, and she would be able to fly and see beyond to other planets. When he explained that her brother Billy didn't belong there, she ran away from him. He last told her very sincerely that she was making a big mistake choosing to stay behind on earth.


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