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Linda Preston is a minor character created by Tucker. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Fire Ghost".


Linda is the mother of Roxy and Jimmy. She is separated from her husband Dan. Since she is a nurse who works at the hospital, and her husband is a firefighter, the two of them were always away from home and each other. Therefore due to a lack of communication she and her husband decided to separate. However she and her husband were still close and on good terms with each other.

During the events of the story, she and her children, along with a few men at station 214 through her husband a surprise birthday party. Unfortunately she had to leave early to work at the hospital. Soon afterwards, her daughter tried phoned her to inform her that her husband went out to fight another fire. But due to a power failure, she wasn't informed. She was also unaware that her children were left alone at the station. There they endured the wrath of a vengeful fire ghost. An evil ghost haunting the station from a fire that her husband had once put out.

Soon her children worked together to outsmart and defeat the Fire Ghost, by dousing it with a fire extinguished and by tricking it by setting off the ceiling emergency sprinklers. Afterwards, she was happy to see her husband began to spend more time with their children.


  • Liz MaCrae, also portrayed Mrs. Wilson in "The Tale of the Hatching". Then she later portrayed Mom/Marie in "The Tale of Bigfoot Ridge".

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