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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Lizzie also known as #87 is a character created by Vange. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of Many Faces".


Lizzie is a beautiful young woman. She has strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. She has a brother named: Bill. Along with a dog named: Maggie.

Some time before the events of the story began, she was lured to visit Madame Visage. Madame Visage (in disguise) may have personally invited her over to "The Madame Visage Theater Company".

Soon Madame Visage convinced her to begin constantly applying a special face powder to her face. Which at first made her look more shinning, shimmering and radiant. Eventually Madame Visage held her captive. It was then revealed to her that Madame Visage was a malevolent witch. One whom had stayed alive for over three hundred years, by literally stealing beautiful young women's faces. Madame soon stole her face and stored it inside a magical containment book.

Without a face she would look like a freak. Therefore she was given a porcelain mask to wear. One that had a blank default feminine expression on it. She was also given a blue housecoat to wear. It had the #87 on it. Since from then on she would only be referred to as #87. She was forced to work as a slave for Madame Visage. Along with many other captured young women. She either had to reluctantly obey and assist Madame Visage. Or she would be kicked out back into society. Where she would face mistreatment and ridicule for no longer having a face. Or as a worse punishment: Being trapped inside the punishment book. Once a victim was trapped inside the punishment book, they were never seen again. She soon became acquainted with several other captured young women. #66 (Lorette), #72 (Kayla), #83 (Hillary) and a very nervous girl only known as #90. She eventually just stopped caring and accepted her fate.

Eventually Madame's potential new victim Emma was lured to the theater. She and #66 prepared for Emma to be captured. They brought Madame Visage her face containment book. Then she and #66 held Emma in restrain. Therefore Emma could not make a run for it. Then Madame Visage was able to close in on Emma and steal her face stolen and have her become enslaved the very same way that she had been. She explained everything to Emma. She informed that she would now be known as #94.

She and Emma formed an immediate bond. So she felt that she could trust her. So she took Emma snooping inside Madame Visage's office. Here she decided to show Emma what she used to look like. So she open the face storage book and showed her. Emma then encouraged her to just be herself. She told Emma her real name. Emma encouraged her to be addressed by it again.

She and Emma then notice a locked cabinet. Just then #66 caught them snooping. So #66 reported her and Emma to Madame Visage. Before #66 reported them they stole the cabinet key from #66. The key unlocked the cabinet. Inside she and Emma found a small little binder. It contained the face of a very old and elderly woman. They figured that it must have been Madame Visage's original face.

Then she and Emma came across the punishment book. So she and Emma attempted to run off with it. However they were girls trying to stop them, everywhere they turned. Eventually Madame Visage caught them. Emma tried to destroy the book by throwing it into the fireplace. But it turned out to be fireproof.

Then Madame Visage prepared to punish she and Emma in front of everyone. To show them all what would happen to them. If they all disobeyed her. Then some of her friends fearing for their safety, reluctantly held them in restrain.

Then Emma finally encouraged she and the rest of slaves to fight back. Emma convinced them still the same people that they always were. Even without their faces. Therefore Emma formed a mutiny with all of Madame Visage's other captured faceless slaves. She and the other girl began to stand up to Madame Visage. They stated their names and facts about them. Finally #66 realized the strength in numbers. So #66 joined the mutiny.

Then two other slaves held Madame Visage in restrain. Then Emma returned Madame Visage's original elderly face to her. Which was over three hundred years old. Which killed Madame Visage when she caught up with old age.

Afterwards, she along with all of the other slaves got their faces back. Emma told her that they were back. She reminded Emma that it was like she had: They were always here in the first place. Then they hugged.


  • Amanda Gay also portrayed Jenna.

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