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This misunderstood character is also a ghost.

The Lonely Ghost is a character created by David. She appeared in "The Tale of the Lonely Ghost".


Her real name was never revealed. Many years ago, she lived with her parents in what was now the old house next Amanda Cameron's Aunt Dottie's house. She couldn't talk and it's unknown if she was a deaf or mute. All the other kids in her neighborhood were very mean and nasty to her. They constantly teased, insulted, and mocked her about her disability.

Her father went off to serve in the war, (possibly the second world war). After sometime her mother was informed that her father had gotten sick. Therefore she decided to travel overseas to go and see him. To possibly bring him back home. Her mother left in a hurry, and sent her to stay at grandmother's house.

She never made it to her grandmother's house. On her way over, she was immediately chased down by the mean kids in her neighborhood. They begun teasing and insulting her again. Then they chased her all the way back to her home, following her up to her bedroom door.

The mean children locked her in her room and left her there. It was unknown to any of them that neither of her parents were going to be back home for a long long time. They also didn't realize they locked her up and nobody else knew she was there,  or could hear her calling for help.

Her grandmother didn't even know she was coming, and her mother didn't come back home for weeks. When her Mother finally came home, she found her dead. Possibly her parents eventually left the house as it was too upsetting to stay there any longer. Though rumor had it that her ghost drove her mother insane.

Many years later, she haunted her house, keeping anyone from buying it by making the for sale sign constantly knock over. Also her mother coincidentally took a job as a house nanny to the new family living in the house next to her old house. A couple years later, the girl Beth whom she was a Nanny too grew tired of her and resented her.

One night, Beth and her friends tricked her cousin Amanda Cameron into spending the night all alone in her bedroom to join their club. When Amanda entered her room she appeared to her through her mirror. Then she scared Amanda out of her wits causing her to scream her head off and run back home.

The next day, Amanda and Beth went over to wash off the graffiti off the walls. When she made a vision of all her huge dolls and stuffed animal collection appear in the mirror. This entranced Beth to walk through and enter the mirror. This enabled her to enter her room again.

After Amanda was scared out of her wits again she stopped screaming her head off and calmed down. She finally wrote the word she had written backwards on the walls so many times the right way. The word was: "help me".

It turned out the lonely ghost wouldn't have hurt a fly. She only wanted to show Amanda her locket which revealed to be an old black and white photo of Nanny. It turned out that she just wanted someone help to bring her mother back to her. So she trusted Amanda, when she promised that she would go and bring her over right away.

When Nanny was brought to the old room, The Lonely Ghost was so pleased to see her after so many years. Nanny agreed to enter through the mirror with her and went back through a time loop to their old time.



Reunited at long last with her mother


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