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This is a neutral character as well as a victim!

Lonnie is a character created by Tucker. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Manaha".


Lonnie is a camp counselor at Camp Towaki. It is unclear on whether he is a trained army drill sergeant. Or just a camp counselor taking his job too seriously. Or possibly both.

He is arrogant, conceited, obnoxious, overzealous, impatient and short-tempered. He does not like to be contradicted or corrected. He just prefers to do things his own way. Still in his own way, he means well, wanting to properly lead a division of campers.

During the events of the story, he was assigned by his boss the camp director: Mr. Ostrowski, to take four campers onto a hike through the forest and have an overnight campout. The four boys were: Alex an average but slightly disorganized boy. Eddy, a overweight glutton who enjoyed frequently snacking. Steve who was a rebellious boy with long hair who enjoyed reading comic books. And Carl a wimpy boy with low self-esteem.

He immediately yelled at them, to have them stand at attention. He shouted at Alex for not rolling a tent up properly. Then he saw that Eddy brought a jar and spaghetti in tomato sauce for dinner. He was turned off by his weight. So he spilled Eddy's jar and told him to lose weight. Then Steve showed him his Ghastly Grinner comic book. Steve was that hoping a cool comic book would appeal to his better nature. But he just got sarcastic and told him that if they bring comic books, they will only be used to start up the campfires. Then he saw Carl who seemed very upset. Carl told him that he couldn't go. Due to him having poison ivy on his feet. He felt no sympathy for him. He just shouted at him, and lectured him for being a wimp. Then he talked him into putting on his shoes and going.

Then just before they left, a fifth boy showed up. It was a younger camper named: Jonah. He thought Jonah was too young and wouldn't be able to keep up. But he found out that Mr. Ostrowski gave him permission. Also Jonah was ready, having studied a survival manual all summer long. So he reluctantly took him along. Before they left, Mr. Ostrowski reminded him to check in with the Forest Ranger when arriving in the assigned area.

During the beginning of the hike, Jonah was lagging behind. So he told him to hurry up or the grizzly bears would get him. But Jonah contradicted him, telling him that the grizzly bears were many miles away. He was ticked off. So he made Jonah carry his knapsack for a while.

After setting up camp, he tried to open a ration pack. But he got really frustrated, not being able to open it. Then Jonah told him that his manual said to pack carefully. So Jonah handed him a can opener. He got miffed and fed up with being contradicted and corrected. So he pushed Jonah and Jonah knocked his knapsack over a small cliff.

He was furious and he forced Jonah to climb down and retrieve it. When Jonah seemed to be taking his time, he and Alex went down to check on him. He saw that Jonah had discovered an ancient aboriginal burial tomb. It was full of cave paintings and a bronze gorilla like statue. He got overwhelmed by avarice and took the credit for discovering the cave for himself. He believed that the discovery would make him rich and famous. So he took the statue with them as proof of discovery.

Jonah tried to warn him that before he showed up, he had lifted the statue. Then he mistakenly released an evil Shaman. One that would release flesh eating monsters around the forest called Manaha. He didn't believe it, he just kept on thinking about how rich and famous he was going to become. Soon he and he and his division checked in with the Forest Ranger and came back to camp where he prepared to cook dinner.

Then he got frustrated when Jonah brought back very little firewood. So he went into the woods to collect more himself. Than as he was minding his own business, a scary Manaha ambushed him from behind and abducted him. Soon the Forest Ranger had gotten abducted too.

Soon his division finally did believe that Jonah really was telling the truth. So they tried to find their way back to camp to find help. Along the way, Eddy got captured too. Soon Jonah found him, the Forest Ranger and Eddy. They were all bound and gagged in a bark like material and suspended in the air. It seemed that the Shaman was preparing to light bonfires beneath them. Then offer them in a sacrificial ritual.

Now Jonah finally realized that Manaha were linked to beliefs. So they were only visible to those who believed in them. So Jonah faced the Shaman and denied that the Manaha were real. So they disappeared. Then Jonah tricked the Shaman into believing the Manaha had turned against him. He did it by having, Alex, Steve and Carl dress like Manaha and make similar sounds rustling the trees and bushes. The Shaman fell for it and was fearfully lead back into the burial cave. Where Jonah returned the statue back to the plinth. This once again sealed the Shaman away.

Afterwards, Jonah finally earned his respect. So he and the others allowed Jonah to lead them all back to camp. While he would carry most of the luggage.

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