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Lorette also known as #66 is a character created by Vange. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of Many Faces".


Lorette is a beautiful young woman. Some time ago met up with Madame Visage. How she encountered her is unknown, but she was tricked into using the special face powder. It eventually Madame Visage was able to actually capture her face.  She soon became one of Madame Visage's masked slaves as #66.

She either had to help Madame Visage willing, or be kicked out back into society. When back in society she would have faced mistreatment and ridicule for no longer having a face. She was also informed that Madame Visage may also choose to trap her inside the punishment book. Once inside the punishment book, the victim would never been seen again.

She possibly played along because she may have had friends or siblings she was afraid Madame Visage would go after if she didn't willingly help her.

Over time, However, she wore a different housecoat than the others, it can be assumed she became a trusted and loyal assistant or she let the feeling of power get to her head. She was trusted with leading new victims to Madame Visage and keeping keys and reporting disobedient slaves.

Madame Visage used her face and posed as her being a talent scout to lure a young teenage model named Emma to come to the theater as a new victim.

When she caught Lizzie and Emma snooping through the magical book of faces, She at first willingly reported them to Madame Visage to receive punishment.

When Emma tried to burn the punishment book, by throwing it into the fireplace she frantically screamed no. Possibly, she had sisters or friends captured inside of it and was worried for them.

Eventually it can be assumed that when Emma encouraged all of the faceless girls to stand up for themselves against Madame Visage. She then realized that there was strength in numbers and joined the mutiny.

Then she helped Emma return Madame Visage's real face to her which killed her from old age. She was thrilled and ecstatic when she got her face back. She then apologized to Emma for Madame Visage using her face as bait to come to the theater.

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