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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Lt. William is a character created by Sam. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Long Ago Locket".


Lt. William was a minuteman soldier who served in the American Revolutionary war. In September of 1780, he and his unit were taking part in the battle of Harrisville. One day, he knew that long lost love Emilienne was getting married in Harrisville that evening. He knew in his heart, that he had to get to Harrisville and finally confess his love to her. However, the only way to get to Harrisville was through enemy lines. This was where the Red Coats were stationed.

Therefore he risked everything and crossed into the enemy territory. Along the way he got lost. Soon enough, he stumbled upon the Redcoats who had him mistaken to be a spy. Therefore, he was captured, arrested and then tied to a big willow tree. Then on September 17, 1780 he was executed by hanging at that tree. Which later became known in the history books as Hangmans' Tree.

Then in September of 1994, a time slip occurrence took place in the woods. So in the woods was the year 1780, while everywhere outside it was 1994. On this day, he met Jimmy Armstrong who was just minding his own business trying to walk home. His enemies believed that Jimmy was also a minuteman and a spy, so they tried to shoot him. So he stepped in and began firing back to ward them off. Then at a later time, he helped Jimmy escape when the Redcoats captured Jimmy and took him prisoner.

All that he wanted in return was for Jimmy to show him the right path to Harrisville. He explained his reasons for needing to get there. Also how he never had the courage to confess his true feelings to Emilienne before. So he told Jimmy to tell his friend April how he really felt about her, before it was too late.

Eventually history was about to repeat itself. So once again he was captured and was about to be sentenced to death by hanging. Then Jimmy traveled back to the past just in time, after learning from a history book that he was executed on September 17, 1780, and that it was also September 17 in 1994. Jimmy quietly creeped up to the willow tree and cut the ropes loss. Then Jimmy played music from a loud boombox. This spooked the Redcoats and made them all really scared.

Then Jimmy showed him the direction to get to Harrisville. Before he left, he gratefully thanked Jimmy for all of his help. Then he reminded Jimmy, that if he loved April, then he must tell her as soon as he could.

As soon as Jimmy made it back to present time, the inscription on his old knife changed. It changed from saying Lt. William to Capt. William. Also a locket from long ago appeared on the ground. It contained photographs of him and Emilienne in it. Which Jimmy gave to April after he finally confessed his true feelings to her.

Later on when Jimmy read the history book over again, it now said that he made it to Harrisville. Then he confessed his love to Emilienne and they got married. Soon he returned to the army and got promoted to Captain.


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