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Lucas is a character created by Gary. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Unfinished Painting".


Lucas is the older caring and supportive brother of Cody. His sister is a talented artist, who recently lost her inspiration and faced artist block. He supported her and inspired her to keep on trying.

Soon his sister came across a place called: "The Hunter Gallery". There she met the talented artist Mrs. Briar. Soon his sister got permission to complete an unfinished painting at the gallery. It was a painting of a ballet dance recital.

At first his sister had misgivings about finishing the painting. Since it was originally someone's else's work. But since it motivated her to start drawing more than ever. He convinced her to keep working on it. Until it was finished.

Then soon his sister phoned him and she sounded really scared and worried. She told him that the girl Jenna, the artist who was also finishing a painting suddenly just disappeared. However his sister discovered that Jenna had forgotten her backpack, after Mrs. Briar told his sister that Jenna said she wouldn't be coming by any longer. Now he was concerned, thinking that perhaps young women were being kidnapped from the art gallery.

Then he hurried over to the art gallery, to check on her. Outside in the parking lot he came across a cute little blonde girl. She was eager to bring him inside to meet a certain someone.

The certain someone was the shrunken and dismembered head of a soul hunter. In fact the whole gallery was a trap set up by Mrs. Briar who was also a soul hunter, serving her master: The Shrunken Head. The idea was to lure artists to complete unfinished paintings. Once the artist finished the painting, the artist literally gave it life. Then once the artist signed it, they would get captured inside. Then Mrs. Briar and the Shrunken head would steal the victims soul and remain living eternally.

Just before the illusion of the little girl manipulated to come in and see the Master, his sister came out. She escaped from the painting that she had just gotten trapped into. She told him that it was from the gallery's paintbrushes. They were imbued and possessed to trap victims inside paintings.

Then suddenly Mrs. Briar appeared demanding the brushes back. Then he observed his sister throw them all into a nearby fire. In little explosion all of the brushes were destroyed. This defeated the Shrunken Head. Then the Shrunken Head and Mrs. Briar died after losing their life sustaining powers.

Soon he was happy to see that his sister got her inspiration back. All of the captured souls helped her. Since she freed them from their living nightmare.

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