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Lucas "Luke" McCoy is a member of the new Midnight Society in the second Are You Afraid of the Dark? (2019) series, Are You Afraid of the Dark?: Curse of the Shadows.


Luke is a a high schooler at Shadow Bay High School, on the wrestling team, and a member of the Midnight Society. He also loves to skateboard caring boy with hobbies such as skateboarding and wrestling. He is childhood best friends with Connor. After a fight at Luke's house about sneaking out, Connor sneaks out by himself and is not seen the next day for school. When Luke woke up that morning, he had eight missed calls from Connor and then when he calls him back, Connor does not answer. Then after Connor does not text back or show up to wrestling practice or the midnight society meeting, Luke begins to become really worried and soon finds out that Connor is cursed by The Shadowman.

He blamed himself for what happened to Connor because he did not sneak out with him, and Connor called him eight times. He dedicates himself to saving Connor. When the rest of The Midnight Society attempt to use the Book of Shadows to save him, the Shadowman instead was able to create a false copy of his body and possess it. Shadow Connor was able to quickly recognize Luke amongst all the others, and this is potentially because the real Connor has romantic feelings for Luke. Connor's feelings for Luke are also why he won’t sing his favorite song for him, and lies about what it actually is. Luke was also the first to believe something was wrong with Shadow Connor, but the last to want to believe it as such a truth meant that Connor was still in danger. After another attempt they were able to bring back Connor, and using the Book of Shadows to time travel back to 1996 they defeated the Shadowman and broke the curse for all.



  • Although Luke is shown to like Hanna, it is also heavily implied Connor and Luke have romantic feelings for each other, though neither act on it, likely not knowing how to.