Madame Visage
"Bring me the Punishment Book!"



Date of Birth:

Possibly the late 1600's

Date of Death:


Cause of Death:

Old Age

Powers and Abilities:



Evil Witch, Actress, Beautician


To kidnap beautiful girls and steal their faces to stay young forever.


Her original face is given back to her, and she rapidly ages and dies of old age


"The Tale of Many Faces"


ilona Utriainen & Satyam Archambault
Her body double was Susan Mackasey



Madame Visage, was an evil witch and a beautician who had a passion for acting and singing on the theater stage. Over three hundred years ago, she invented a special type of face powder.

This face powder, did wonders for the skin, and provided immediate skin improvement and made the skin shimmer and glow. Then she would meet a new pretty girl, and manipulate and con the girl into using the face powder.

Eventually when the girl used it enough, she was able to actually capture and steal the girl's face. By capturing many girl's faces she was able to remain young forever. She continued to get away with doing this for three hundred years.

She would store the captures faces inside a magical book, in which she could choose what face she wanted to wear any time she wanted. She would do this to change her appearance and pose as whatever the face of the girl she was wearing. This also enabled her to pose as a talent scout or agent to lure more girls to her theater and capture more faces.

She was very arrogant, shallow and egotistic in believing that true beauty only mattered about what was on the outside not what's also on the inside as well.

She also kept a group of her victims as her captured slaves, in which she was very strict and cruel to. She forced them to assist her loyally and make her costumes and sets for her new plays. Then if a faceless slave of hers didn't help her, or disobeyed or tried to run away she would either send them to live outside to the fate of all the cruel people they would encounter. Or she would capture them and seal them away in her punishment book. The faceless Slaves feared this the most, because once inside the Punishment book the girl would never be seen again!

When she captured the face of Emma, Emma was strong and stood up for herself. Emma then encouraged the slaves to believe in themselves and rebel against her. Eventually her slave #66 who seemed to be her most loyal one, finally joined the mutiny and teamed up with Emma.

The faceless slaves held her in a bind, when Emma found an old binder which contained her original face (which by now was quite elderly now). Then she screamed and begged Emma not to give her back her old face because it was so old now. Emma immediately gave it back to her.

Then in a matter of moments, her true old age caught up with her and she became very elderly. Then she plopped down and fainted on her desk. When Emma checked on her, a few seconds later, she had turned into a skeleton and died. When she died all the girls faces were returned to them. Also possibly all the girls she captured into the Punishment book were freed also.


  • Her name is French for Mrs. Face.

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