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This character is a poltergeist!

Madeline Koegel is a character created by Kiki. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of Apartment 214".


Madeline was an old woman who lived in apartment 214 of the Corteen Apartments building. She was a very talented artist and painter. Sometime ago she passed away, however she chose not to crossover to the afterlife, but to instead stay behind haunting her own apartment. She refused to ever leave from the place she called her home sweet home. She was never seen by any of the buildings other tenants, or the Landlord Tibold Holstrom. However, she would use her poltergeist abilities to scare new tenants away from her apartment kept the bad reputation of it being haunted.

Then sometime later, she befriended a girl named Stacy. This girl moved into the neighboring apartment 213 with her mother after her parents separated. Madeline originally manifested herself as a kind and gentle woman with a maternal side.

She was very open to talking about how her old life had been ruined. This was because her nephew Frank promised her, she could always live with them but as time grew on he got tired of taking care of a very old woman and asked her to leave. Therefore, for many years she lived all alone.

Madeline bonded with Stacy, when the girl told her about how she had lost many of her friends too due to having to move. Therefore, she decided it would help both of them if they visited each other on a regular basis. Stacy unwittingly accepted her offer and created (without her knowing) a sort of pact with her.

However Madeline's nature changed after Stacy broke her promise to visit her on a very specific day. Stacy didn't mean to do it, but she wanted to befriend Angela the only other child who lived in the apartment building.

Stacy arrived late that night to find Madeline in the dark and crying. She screamed at her, demanding to know why she broke her promise. Then suddenly she seemed to disappear and all her furniture and paintings were gone. Then for or a little while, she was gone and then unexpectedly one night she returned. She then begun to use her poltergeist abilities, changing from a sweet old person, to being an enraged and angry person.

Then one night when Stacy's mother went out, Madeline begun terrorize and harass Stacy. She kept slipping her the notes asking her why she broke her promise. When she confronted Stacy, she angrily revealed to her why visiting her on that day was so important and meant so much to her.

The reason was because, that day was the Tenth anniversary of her death. Stacy fearfully fled from her, but Madeline wouldn't give up. She continued to terrorize the girl with the continued question of :"Why did you break your promise?". However when Madeline finally cornered Stacy having her beg for mercy, she apologized and talked about how she didn't mean to hurt her feelings. She only forgot the promise, because she wanted to make a new friend.

When hearing this, Madeline realized that she just wanted to make a new friend. Therefore she went back to being her good old kind self. She then realized that it was wrong to punish Stacy for seeking new friends.

Then in turn as Stacy, realized that she would reveal this other side of anger and rage because she feels completely alone, as if no one wants her around. Stacy confined to her that she did care and did want her around. Then sometime soon, Stacy made Madeline thrilled by convincing her mother to rent apartment 214 for themselves.

Therefore, Madeline and Stacy lived happily together from then on, and she was no longer alone. Whether she chose to reveal herself to Stacy's mother is unknown.

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