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This Magical Item is Neutral.

"For thousands of years, dead-eyed sorcerers used wands like this to draw power from the Earth."

A wand created by Gary was first seen in the episode "The Tale of the Magician's Assistant"



A Magician's Magic Wand

Magic Wands are powerful magical items that could be used by witches, wizards, and practitioners of magic in general, be they good or evil.

Though a Magician's Magic Wand naturally possesses tremendous supernatural powers, and was seen to enable its user to work his or her will in almost all things, it was still bound by the first cardinal rule of magic:

  1. Never ever touch another magician's wand unless he hands it to you.

Hence, should a magician's apprentice or some other individual desire to use a Magician's Magic Wand, the wand must be handed to him or her personally by the magician before each use, and it is preferable that the apprentice or the person who wishes to use it had proper magical training in advance.

If a Magician's Magic Wand is used by the apprentice or another person without it being handed to them personally by the magician, or without enough proper magical training, there would be dangerous consequences, such as a curse taking effect. A curse such as this could be as catastrophic as breaking a seal to a vortex dimension in which evil supernatural beings intent on world-domination had been imprisoned. Should the seal completely break, the escaped evil force could compel the magician to take his place in the vortex dimension, and the apprentice would have to rely on his courage, his wits, and his knowledge of the cardinal rules of magic to defeat the evil force.

This is so as, even if the evil force managed to gain possession of the wand, he and the wand would still be bound by the cardinal rules of magic, such as the third rule:

3. Never get caught in your own reflection.

When the original owner (the Magician) passes the wand to the apprentice, he or she will gain full possession and control of it, and would be able to use it effectively as long as they abide by the cardinal rules of magic.

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