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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Mariah is a character created by David. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Dark Dragon".


Mariah is best friends with Keith Saunders. prior to the events of the story Keith was involved in a serious car accident with badly injured his leg, ruining his entire outlook on life. However, she remained caring and supportive. As long as she could remember, she loved Keith. But Keith only saw her as his friend. Suddenly a cool and handsome looking guy named K.C. started showing up. She was told that he was Keith's cousin. She was unaware at first that Keith had started taking a dangerous magical potion which healed his leg and made him look cool.

She soon figured out that Keith was K.C. in disguise and she was very jealous that he was going to the school dance with Shelly Bergman.

The night of the dance, she spied on Keith and observed him taking the potion. So she broke into his locker and stole the potion and drank it all. She transformed herself into a gorgeous woman. After Shelly broke it off with K.C. to dance with her real boyfriend Gary Marsh, she danced with him.

Keith was very surprised that she took the potion. She revealed that she did it for him, telling him she loves him. So she felt the only way to get him, was to become a pretty girl.

Then suddenly side effect from the potion rapidly took their toll on her. She began to develop scales and fangs. As a curse for doubting and not respecting herself.

She told Keith that she loves him the way he is, and he told her the same. Then when he cried tears of sorrow from his heart. When they dripped onto her, she and him were both changed back to normal. Since she no longer doubted herself.

Then Keith happily took her back to the dance.


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