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"Should it matter? If it has no value to you, you won't miss it!"

Marie is a character created by Kiki. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Vacant Lot".


Marie, is an arrogant, stuck up, and overly selfish person. When she was a teenager, years ago she wasn't happy with her life, and felt miserable and sorry for herself.

Then one day, she came across an outdoor store in a vacant lot. The store was run by a mysterious woman, who seemed to give her anything and everything she wanted for something that apparently meant nothing to her. Marie kept coming back time and time again helping herself.

Marie ignored the warning signs she would see in the reflection of her mirror (since mirrors never lie). The signs were that she was becoming cursed by her own greed, by developing painful lesions, rashes and blisters on her face. She ignored all these warning signs until it was too late. Eventually Marie was cursed by her own greed and the shopkeeper took her love and positive emotions.

Marie then ran the outdoor store, over the years she became very aggressive as well. She began to have her store magically appear, in random places like vacant lots. She would often sell things to people in exchange for something valuable like a precious ring which she started collecting a lot of.

Soon, she came across a selfish teenage girl, who just like her felt miserable and sorry for herself. The girl was named Catherine Crawley, and slowly she would give her all the cool, valuable and expensive stuff she wanted for what seemed to be free. Also she would do things like give her a makeover and fix her hair free of charge.

What she didn't tell her, was that slowly she was stealing Catherine's love and positive emotions with every trade they did. Also, Catherine's younger sister Joyce who quickly discovered her store became cursed too. Eventually Marie announced to Catherine in her mirror's reflection that everything comes with a price. Then she took Catherine and Joyce's love and they were cursed by their own greed.

Catherine tried to return all of the stuff she got for free, but Marie told her it was too late. She told her the story of how she went through the same thing she did. Marie revealed herself to be beautiful again, her hands and face looking like polished marble. Meanwhile Catherine and her sister were now covered with the painful lesions, rashes and blisters.

Catherine told her she may have deserved it, but her sister did not. Marie was offered Catherine's ring that her grandfather gave her, to spare Joyce. Marie who had been wanting the ring all along, had been demanding it many times for exchange of the purchases. She agreed to spare Joyce, and took the ring. She laughed sinisterly in victory claiming that she always gets what she wants.

When Marie put the ring on, suddenly the curse returned to her and came back with a vengeance. Marie was cursed from her own greed worse than before. Then her hands and face were disfigured again, and even worse than before.

This happened because when Catherine decided to give up her most prized possession. This was a selfless act to save her sister. This was more than enough to return the curse back to Marie, who was nothing more than truly selfish. Suddenly the wind blew Marie away, along with her whole store.

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