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Marjorie is a character created by Kiki. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Jagged Sign".


Marjorie was a country woman, who lived her whole life in a small rural country area. At least 60+ years prior to the events of the story, she was in a loving and committed relationship with her boyfriend Joshua. He once gave her a beautiful music box, it was two doves sitting together on a tree branch. Also he made a symbol of a dove like angel as a sign of their love.

She and Joshua used to climb the mountains in the nearby woods. There they would have privacy and hang out quietly in their secret place at the top of the cliff. She and Joshua wanted to get married. But since they were still so young at the time their parents wouldn't allow them. Therefore she and Joshua planned to meet the next morning at their secret place. Then they would run off together and get married.

However her parents somehow found out and prevented her from going. Joshua was hurt and believed she chose not to come. So he wanted everyone to know how much he really loved her. So Joshua climbed up to the ledge of the cliff. Then he began to draw the symbol of their love for everyone to see. The cliff was too steep and dangerous and before he could finish drawing the symbol, Joshua fell down. She was very upset, believing that he died thinking that she chose not to come and rejected him. She never loved anyone else and she never married.

People living in the country, started a rumor that the place her boyfriend died at used to be an ancient burial ground. They would say that years ago someone was murdered there, and the sign just appeared the next day. They also said that the unfinished sign he drew was the jagged sign: A sign and mark of the dead man. If one was to stare at it for too long they would awaken the ghost and it would possess them and then lure them up and have them fall to their doom. Joshua was seen at the top of the mountain. Possibly he haunted the the cliff on top, and was still waiting for her to show up.

A brief period of time prior to the 1990s, her family checked her in as a resident at the Scenic Vista retirement home. Then years later in the 1990s she was now the eldest resident staying at the retirement home. She was regularly helped and cared for by a personal care worker named Yvonne. Yvonne could see that she was gradually losing her memory and developing dementia. Soon Yvonne's niece Claudia came to visit. She was amazed to see that Claudia bared a very striking resemblance to that of when she was her age. Claudia soon befriend a local girl named: Kate. Soon the two girl out of boredom and curiosity climbed to the top of the mountain. When they got there Joshua's ghost mistook Claudia for her. So he started waving at Claudia to come over to him, and he would periodically draw the jagged sign thinking it would get her to return to the cliff.

Soon her nephew, made arrangements for her to be transferred to a nursing home. There she would get the proper help and care that she was now beginning to require. Since she was now in need constant care and supervision. Before she went Claudia and Kate rummaged through her old possessions to see if she wanted to keep anything sentimental. She almost mistakenly gave away her dove musical box. So she was touched when Claudia returned it to her. When Claudia did, her boyfriends ghost appeared outside the window. She was shocked to see him. So Claudia ran after him, to see what he wanted.

Then Kate found an old black and white photograph of she and Joshua. So Kate asked her about it. So she told Kate who he was and what they had together. Also what they had planned to do and what had happened to him. When Kate realized that she and Joshua's secret place was at the top of the cliff. She panicked and hurried over to save Claudia. She gave Claudia permission to borrow her music box.

Eventually Claudia and Kate climbed to the top of the cliff, when he saw them he finally spoke and asked Marjorie what took her so long to meet him and asked her whether or not she loved him. Kate revealed the truth to him and explained why she never showed up and told him him she kept the music box all these years as a sign that she still loved him.

His heart was touched to find out she still loved him. Then on Kate's advice he decided to go see her and declare his love for her. Doing this the Jagged Sign symbol completed itself to represent a dove like angel. Just as he met with her, she passed away. Everyone in the retirement home mentioned how peaceful and happy she looked at the time. The grown ups all thought it was because she was going to a better place, but only Claudia and Kate knew just how true that was.

Since Claudia and Kate had seen she and Joshua's young ghosts walking off together into the woods. Then she and Josh waved goodbye to Claudia and Kate and vanished. Then it was assumed that she and him ascended into the afterlife.

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