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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Mark is a character created by Tucker. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Forever Game".


Mark is a nice and polite person. He is an athlete, whom is big on mountain biking. Which he often does with his friend Peter. His friend Peter is a bit of an arrogant and obnoxious bully who used to treat him poorly. Until he proved to Peter that he was just as good as he was. Then he earned Peter's respect. So Peter begun to treat him better. Eventually as time passed on, Peter's younger sister Monica began joining them on their biking expeditions. In which he witnessed Peter treating Monica poorly. Which he could only understand too well how it felt.

During the events of the story, Peter lead them all on an off course trail in the woods. Then he, Peter and Monica soon found themselves trapped in a small wooded area. The area had a specific old and weird tree in the center of it. Soon Peter disappeared. He and Monica thought that Peter was messing with them and hiding on he and Monica as joke. The truth was Peter had been transported into a hidden underground chamber.

He and Monica soon realized that they were trapped in the woods and they had no way out. Then soon very bizarre things began to happen: First it began to rain various pretty flower petals. Then suddenly a lightning storm instantly began. Next a Burden Beast was summoned. It was a ruthless humanoid bloodthirsty monster. It would relentlessly hunt down anything in its path. He and Monica were also in danger of being hit by its long razor sharp claws. Which it could throw like lawn darts. He and Monica managed to lose track of it for a short period of time.

Then suddenly, he stepped into a pit of sticky quicksand. He began sinking fast. So Monica handed him a stick and she tried her best to pull him out. It nearly sucked him in and drowned him. Until suddenly it mysteriously stopped. Then suddenly the Burden Beast returned and resumed chasing after he and Monica.

Then suddenly it was pitch black and nighttime. This helped a bit. Since it enabled he and Monica to hide better.

Finally he and Monica deduced that the old weird looking tree, must be the source of all the events happening to them. Along with what was keeping them trapped in the woods. He suggested that try and knock it down. So he and Monica began pushing it with all of their might.

Meanwhile in the hidden underground chamber, Peter had been playing a board game called: The Forever Game It was an eons old game created to trap people in the woods and in the underground chamber. The winner of a game got to leave. And the loser was forced to stay trapped in underground chamber forever. Peter had been playing the game with a captive named Nathaniel, who had been trapped inside the underground chamber for seventy years. The game was the source of what was causing all the mayhem and chaos that he and Monica had gone through. These events were caused by landing game pieces on certain buttons.

Peter could see in the viewing globe that he and Monica were trying to knock the tree try over. So Peter spun the wheel backwards and went 8 spaces back. Peter reactivated the lighting. So the lightning started again in the forest.

He and Monica held onto the tree, planning to jump out of the way, right when the lightning would strike. Luckily he and Monica jumped out of the way in the nick of time. Just as a bolt lightning bolt zapped the old weird old tree. The lightning destroyed both the tree and the game.

Then in a cloud of smoke Peter was free. Also at long last Nathaniel was free. Instantly seventy years of age caught up with him. Nathaniel applauded and thanked he and Monica for finding the way to destroy the game once and for all. After Nathaniel left, Peter promised that he would tell he and Monica all about it on their way home.


  • Tod Fennell also portrayed Jim Gregory.
    • He also portrayed Billy Deep in the Goosebumps episode "Deep Trouble".

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