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Mark Peterson is a character created by Betty Ann. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Silent Servant".


Mark lives in a rural farming community with his dad Pete and his younger sister Anne. He is either a high school senior or a college freshman and he plays as a pitcher for a local baseball team. He and his family grow and sell vegetables for a living. His community also once had a farmer named John Earlstead, who was rumored to be an evil sorcerer, who commanded an evil scarecrow servant to do all of the work. He along with many other people didn't realize that these rumors were all in fact true.

During the events of the story, his cousin Jarred Conner came to visit during the summer. He and his cousin both shared their interest in baseball. But his cousin Jarred wanted to do nothing but play it all of the time.

One afternoon, his cousin and sister were playing catch outside on the front lawn. Then Jarred threw a long pitch, which his sister failed to catch. So the ball smashed through the glass of the front door window. His dad was very disappointed. So he was told to confiscate the baseball gloves. Then he was asked to have them help him build a new fence around the garden, as a way too work off the price for a new window.

He had them deliver beans to a nearby farm, but his sister and cousin got sidetracked along the way and brought home an old scarecrow. They told him that it could keep the deer out of the garden. But he said that it wouldn't work. So he convinced them to start building the new fence with him. After getting to a good start, after a long day he got ready to go to his baseball game.

He was unaware that his sister and cousin had come into possession of the late John Earlstead's Dragon's Talisman. The talisman controlled a silent servant in the form of a the scarecrow. They asked it to deliver the beans, repair the window and complete the new fence.

The new fence around the garden was completed in no time and he was amazed believing that they did it all by themselves. So as a reward, he gave his sister and cousin the rest of the afternoon off. He also invited Jarred to come to his baseball game. Also as a token of gratitude for their hard work, he decided to give them back their gloves.

Soon he was mad to see that the new fence was all trashed and had many missing boards. It appeared that Jarred used them to build himself a baseball dugout. He didn't believe that the scarecrow did it. So he grounded them for the evening. Then after he left it turned out that he gave them the wrong bag. Which didn't have their gloves in it. Instead it had tractor parts in it.

Jarred got really mad thinking that somebody stole his glove. So without meaning it, Jarred angrily wished that he could kill whoever took it. Then the scarecrow overheard it and then immediately went out to get whoever took it

It turned out that he and his team won the game and they were celebrating at the end of the evening. Then he saw that his sister and cousin rushed over on their bikes out of breath. They told him he was in dangerous, since he took Jarred's glove. He said that it was not him. It was his dad who gave him the wrong bag and took the gloves by mistake.

So he was talked into immediately driving his sister and cousin over to the old Earlstead's farm. His sister was planning to break the talisman by cracking it over John Earlstead's gravestone. Since it was a holy item belonging to the true master.

Meanwhile his dad was in the cornfield using the tractor, when the tractor broke down, his dad went outside to put in new parts, but much to his annoyance his dad found out he took the wrong bag. Then slowly the scarecrow sneaked up on his dad from behind.

Luckily he got his sister and cousin to the Earlstead farm just in time. Then his sister broke the talisman on John Earlstead's gravestone and commanded it to disappeared. So his dad was saved just in time.

He saw the scarecrow disappeared into nothing but a pile of old dirty clothes. So he asked them what it was all about. They said they would tell him all about it the next day. When they rebuild the fence.

However, what he didn't know was that Earlstead's old insane farmhand George fixed the talisman and took it for himself!

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