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Mary Alice Reardon is a character created by Kiki. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of Old Man Corcoran".


Mary Alice either died from illness or injury, or she may have been lured into an open grave by Marshall McClain, and buried alive. The grave was dug by the Groundskeeper, Old Man Corcoran. Also buried in the graveyard was Marshall McClain, Ron Jacobson, Scott Wolden, Laura Ayers and Cissy Vernon. Their ghosts would all wander around and haunt the graveyard at nighttime. Usually playing hide and seek. Possibly she and the rest of them became evil and vengeful ghosts looking to take other kids down with them.

It is unclear how long ago she passed away and when she joined Marshall's group. Then in 1993, Marshall invited the new kids on the block: Jack and Kenny Harris to join the group.

Just like most of her friends, she teased and taunted the kids who get scare easy. However she seems to be a little mouthy. She listened to Cissy who was cold and unfriendly to Jack and Kenny, she tried to scare them off by telling them a tall tale about Old Man Corcoran. Cissy told them that once Old Man Corcoran caught a child stealing from him and as a punishment, he cut the child's hand off. Also the Harris boys were told that Old Man Corcoran he was an evil ghost who haunted the graveyard, and is always on the lookout for trespassers.

Then when a new hide and seek game was being played, she didn't know that during the game, that Jack and Kenny really did end up bumping into Old Man Corcoran and ran home scared out of their skin. The next day she took part with his friends teasing and laughing at the Harris boys for chickening out of the game from the other night.

Marshall then gave Jack and Kenny another chance to participate in another hide and seek game. Before the game started, she taunted the Harris boys. She rudely asked them if they were still afraid that Old Man Corcoran was going to get them.

Then during the game, Jack and Kenny snuck away to steal Old Man Corcoran's harmonica to prove to her and the others that Old Man Corcoran really did exist.

From a short distance away, Jack and Kenny could not see her. But she was seen ducking down behind a gravestone. Then as the fog blew past her, she vanished. It can be assumed that this was her grave, and she just decided to return to it.

Eventually it was proven that everything bad and negative that was told to Jack and Kenny about Old Man Corcoran was all a lie. Since Old Man Corcoran showed up just in time to prevent Jack and Kenny from being buried alive by Marshall!

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