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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Marybeth is a character created by Gary. She appeared in the episode in the episode "The Tale of the Super Specs".


Recently she started dating a boy guy nicknamed Weeds. One day she disappointed to see that he took her to Sardo's Magic Mansion, instead of the movies.

She then saw her boyfriend take an interest in a magic powder called The Dust of Denderon. She watched him fooling around with magic. Then he chanted a random incantation and sprinkled some of the dust in the air. The dust landed onto a bunch of unique holographic and chrome sunglasses. They unnoticeably gleamed and glowed when the magic dust landed onto them.

She was started to get annoyed with him. So she questioned his commitment to their relationship, because of his lack of maturity. Then they're greeted by the magic shopkeeper Sardo. He wants them to leave the shop, if they're not going to buy anything else. She tell Sardo that April Fools' day was tomorrow. So her boyfriend needed to stock up on supplies. Sardo then boasted and bluffed about the unique Sunglasses that he had for sale.. In order to trick them into buying a pair.

Sardo lies to her that they're called super specs and they give the person X-ray vision. So he has piqued her interest and she tries a pair on. Then suddenly, she can see a person in clad dark black tights, with a dark black mask covering his entire face.

She is shocked to see this. Then after she takes them off, the person in black is now gone. She mentions it, but her boyfriend thinks that Sardo has her going a little wacko. So after buying the sunglasses and the magical dust, he gives her a sweet kiss on the cheek goodbye.

The next day at school she meets her boyfriend, who just pulled a prank on his friend Mark. Marks asks him what the sunglasses are and she informs him they're super specs. Then she put's them on again. Now she can see a mysterious all dressed in black from head to toe Dark Lady. Then when she take off the specs; the woman is gone.


she freaks out!

Her boyfriend thinks she's just going all out attempting to prank people on April Fools' Day and doesn't not believe her. She puts the specs on again and sees the Dark Lady again. This time standing near a tree. He still does not believe her and doesn't see anything when putting on the specs. Then she puts them on again. This time the Dark Lady's hand gestures her to come over to her. Now she screams in terror, and throws the specs in the trash and storms off.

After school she is walking and talking with a classmate named Katherine. She explains all about seeing the dark dressed mysterious people, and the woman who appears whenever she puts on the glasses. She asks her if it might just be a joke Weeds is playing. Katherine doesn't know what to make of it. Then she is shocked to realize the specs are back in her purse. Then she hurries over to Sardo's magic mansion to return the specs by dropping them through the return slip on the front door.

However, when she gets home once again the specs have mysteriously returned to her. She picks them up and places them onto the counter. Now she backs away from them in fear. When she puts them on again, her stove top appears to have a golden tea kettle letting out steam. When she removes the specs it's gone. When she puts them back, she sees it again. However after getting a closer a very close look, she noticed that the kettle was slightly translucent. Also she can wave her hand across it, and it goes right through.

Also when walking around more of her house while wearing the specs she saw and heard things that were only visible while wearing the super specs. Things such as a fire burning in fire place. When she gets to the kitchen she sees the Dark Lady again. She is terrified and askes her who she is. The woman just points and suddenly more dark dressed in black people walk over to her. She screamed in terror, and when she took off the specs, they all vanished. Then they reappeared every time she puts the specs back on. Now she runs away terrified.

She find Weeds and runs over to him completely terrified. Weeds was playing basketball with Mark. Then she tried to explain to him once again about the dark clad people who appear whenever she puts on the specs. As a matter of fact, just when she put them on again, about six of them appear and were playing basketball. They appeared to be coming forward to her. Now she began to scream and run off for her very life. Her boyfriend gets concerned calling her to come back, but she didn't come back.

Next she went to find Sardo at his shop. Then with Sardo's help they find out that Weeds accidentally cast the spell of second sight. It was casted onto all of the of super specs. Which are enabling the people who wear them to see beings living on earth from another dimension.

Sardo explained to her that apparently there are always different beings living on earth among humans, but we never see them because they live in alternate dimensions. Also the spell that was cast onto the super specs, also opened a window in her house. One that has allowed beings from a parallel universe to crossover and enter the real world. Some of the these living beings are good and some may be evil and the evil ones may attempt to dangerously take over. Therefore the enchanted super specs are the only thing that can enable someone to see what is happening.

Sardo agrees to try and help counter the spell, but he had no more Dust of Denderon. Since he sold the last pouch of it to boyfriend. She luckily find him as he was just about to flush it down a toilet thinking it's a rip-off and didn't work. Then at her house sitting down as a table, Sardo used a crystal ball and said a magical chant. Finally after tossing some of the magic dust the room got dark and crystal ball begins glowing.

After she put the specs on again, she was terrified to see dozens of dark dressed people standing everywhere. Then he boyfriend pointed out that they could finally be seen even without wearing the specs. So now it keeps getting worse. Sardo however wasn't a very experienced magician as he attempted to finish the spell to close the window to send them all back.

Then The Dark Lady appeared again. Now she was in her true form, which was a powerful dark phantom. The Dark Lady intercepts and switched the spell onto them and their world instead. This was because apparently they tampered with the cosmic seal and two universes can't exist on the same plane, and in order to restore balance the Dark Lady decides to close off her universe.

Then suddenly all seemed to be normal in what appeared to be the inside of her house. However it was not her house. It was the house from a parallel universe. The

girl who lived there was named Arlene she was an alternate form oh her. Arlene had a boyfriend who was the parallel universe opposite of Weeds. Arlene asked if the ghosts (referring to normal humans) were gone. The Dark Lady appeared and pulled down her hood. Then in a very sinister deep voice while laughing, she explained that Arlene also opened a window but to earth's universe. So luckily she got rid of them and the funny thing was they were trying to get rid of them too.

Then the Dark Lady showed Arlene and her friend, that her, Weeds and Sardo's world was now trapped in darkness within a crystal ball. Then the Dark Lady said they won't be bothering them anymore. Then She, Weeds and Sardo all could be heard crying for help!

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