Master Raymond






Owner & Manager of The Whisper Inn

Powers and Abilities:

hypnosis, mind control, illusions, teleportation and transfomation


To lure people to the whisper in on the leap year full moon and live off their life forces


Still captures lured and lost people on the night of the leap year's full moon


"The Tale of the Whispering Walls"


Robert Higden



Nothing is known about his past except that he is a powerful evil sorcerer who appears to look very young despite how old he might really be. He is skilled in hypnosis, mind control, illusions, teleportation and transfomation. 

He owns the Whisper Inn, a small inn that is somewhere off of the highway. He and the other spirits, The Elderly Man, The Dancing Couple, The Silly Man and The Elegant Woman Violet, are only able to appear on February 29 the day of a leap year, every four years, and if there'll be a full moon during the evening. Raymond lures people off of the highway to the Whisper Inn and then leads them to his mansion in the forest. 

Their spirits will become imprisoned in the walls and he the other spirits and even the Inn itself will live off their life forces to live forever and keep the Inn for crumbling down. The only thing that can defeat him is powerful gusts of wind, because they make him and the other spirits blow away either temporarily or permanently depending on how much they feel at a time.

When two children, Claire and Andrew, and their babysitter, Louise, coming back home from the Playland amusement park, they got lost off of the opposite of Highway 9 and ended up at the Whisper Inn. Then an annoyed Raymond snapped at Andrew for leaving the door open because he hates the wind. He denies owning a phone and instead directs the three to the mansion nearby as he had down many times before to other lost people. When they arrived, Louise's car strangely broke down. Louise then left the kids in the car, and went inside to use Raymond's phone. Then she got captured by him and locked into a room hidden upstairs.

Claire and Andrew waited inside the car for a little while. Then they got worried, because she had been gone for too long. Then they went inside to search for her. He is also shown to be very sadistic, as he left them banana splits that were laced with burning acid. Luckily they realized they were harmful before eating them. 

They finally found the room where Louise was being hidden. He transformed into Louise and pretended she was rocking a baby to sleep. This was done to gain their trust to make them walk right up to him. Then when they saw the big ruby ring on his finger, they realized he wasn't Louise but him in disguise. Then he begun laughing diabolically and tried to throw a poisonous snake at them.

Later, he hypnotized both Claire and Louise, gaining complete control of their minds. He was then planning to make them stay in the walls and live of their life forces. He told Andrew to give up and surrender, because the full moon was nearing. Andrew attempted to use his air fan propeller to blow him away. Because he remembered that he didn't like to feel the blowing of wind. Then he found out it was jammed and wouldn't work anymore. He was about to succeed in capturing their spirits. That was until the spirit of The Elegant Woman Violet, intercepted him. Earlier she seemed to be one of his willing accomplices, but possibly also a poor victim too.

She pitied them and confronted him about victimizing innocent children. Violet told him that Claire reminded of her daughter Jane she had long ago. Raymond annoyed and angrily told her return to the walls and to not interfere. Instead, she opened the front door. Then the most powerful blast of wind came blowing in. He loudly screamed no and literally vanished into thin air, long enough for them to escape. Claire and Louise, were freed from their trance with no memory of what had happened. Then they joined with Andrew and they ran out as fast as they could. They made it back to Louise's car and to their surprise it worked again like a charm. Then hey drove away without giving it a second thought. 

However, it can be seen that, they didn't defeat him they only attacked him and got away. Because after they drove away another vehicle pulled up and a different man came out who appeared to be looking lost or having engine trouble.

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