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This character, is portrayed by a special guest star.

Matt Dorney is a character created by Betty Ann. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Curious Camera".


he didn't seem to have many friends and he was usually the victim of Kullback's constant bullying. This eventually made him literally feel invisible. Which was why his school picture came back blank. The photographer Mr. Calhoun explained to him that since people make him feel like he's invisible, then that's how his picture will turn out.

Then as a cheer up gift, Matt was given by Mr. Calhoun an old vintage black and white camera. Matt soon found out that with every picture he took, something horrible would happen to what it shot. First he used this at his advantage to get revenge with Kullback. He stood up to Kullback, insulted him and then took his picture. Soon the picture predicted that soon Kullback would have a very painful accident. Surely enough, Kullback did and a locker unexplainably fell down on his foot.

Matt was excited at first and considered more people to teach a lesson to, by checking through his classroom picture. Then when he accidentally took pictures of his sister Amy and their parents, the pictures predicted that they would be harmed and possibly killed in upcoming accidents. So he realized that the camera was just far too dangerous for even him.

He tried to return it to Mr. Calhoun, but he Mr. Calhoun could not take it back, since now Matt was chosen to be the victim. Mr. Calhoun informed him that the camera was possessed by an evil Gremlin. And this Gremlin was responsible for causing all the damage and misery. Mr. Calhoun last warned him to not let it destroy him.

Then he eventually destroyed the camera by making it take its own picture. He did this by ducking down out of the way and tapping the button on the camera with a hanger. This worked destroying the camera and saved his parents in time, preventing a car accident. Then suddenly the Gremlin entered the television's camcorder. Then he and his sister got out of its way, so it would not take their pictures. Then he ducked down again and he kept using the remote to turn the television off. Finally the television overload and exploded. He and his sister thought they destroyed the Gremlin, However he and sister did not realize that the camera's gremlin had now entered the computer. So now the gremlin will use the computers webcam!


  • Eddie Kaye Thomas eventually became well known for playing the role of Paul Finch in the American Pie movie series.

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