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Max Matheson is an unofficial member of the new Midnight Society in the third Are You Afraid of the Dark? (2019) series, Are You Afraid of the Dark?: Ghost Island.


In 1996, Max was a employee at the Veil on Ghost Island, who became another victim of Room 13. He likes listening to music in his headphones, especially Celine Dion. His best friend is Ricky, who also worked at the hotel with him. Max planned on seeing Scream with Ricky before his disappearance from the hotel.

By the current timeline, Max is a local who has lived on the island his whole life. Working as a bellhop at the hotel, Max is aware of all the dark secrets at the resort. He meets Kayla, Leo, Summer and Ferris on Ghost Island and is not aware that he is a ghost. He uses outdated slang from the 1990s and doesn't quite understand the current day slang. He tells the gang The Tale of Room 13, unknowingly retelling what happened to him. When they visit the room, Max breaks the mirror, letting out the Woman in White. He seems to know something is off because he confides in Leo about feeling different who relates to him as well. It is heavily implied the two have romantic feelings for each other as they both protect each other from the Woman in White's wrath.


The story Max tells is actually of what happened to him in Room 13.


  • The Tale of Room 13