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Max is a character created by Tucker. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of Oblivion".


Max is the twin brother of Shelley and, of the pair is the portrayed as the less responsible sibling. In comparison to his sister, he is portrayed as being lazier (having to be woken up for school at the last minute), disorganized (his missing art supplies are the catalyst for the story) and seems to resent the fact that his twin sister even exists, expressing his annoyance that he and Shelley eat at the same time, share the same classes and have the same friends, comparing her to a barnacle.

On his way to school with Shelley, after an encounter with their neighbor's dog, Butch, Max, in an attempt to get some art supplies for school that day, enters Sardo's shop and purchases a charcoal pencil and an eraser in a silver box. In art class that day, when doing a still-life drawing of a fruit bowl, Max, unhappy with his attempt at drawing an apple, erases it, causing the apple to vanish. When the same thing occurs with the pear in the bowl, to Shelley's annoyance, he experiments using her pencil, which disappears as well. That afternoon, Shelley, confused by what happened, asks Max what he thinks, but he refuses to comment. When Butch chases Max into a tree, and he erases the dog from existence as well. When he and Shelley get home, Max, not wanting to deal with their piano lessons, erases the family's piano, and tells Shelley about the magic powers of the art set, demonstrating by erasing her underwear. When she threatens to expose him to their mother, Max erases her as well, but is soon overcome by guilt and seeks Sardo's aid in getting his sister back.

When Sardo refuses to refund him the cost of the art supplies, Max erases himself and arrives in a realm known as "Oblivion" where forgotten things end up. After an encounter with Kronos the Conqueror, Max erases Sardo to enlist his aid, and the pair eventually find an imprisoned Shelley. After making amends with his sister, Max manages to trick Kronos. Before he gave Kronos the tools of Oblivion, he privately broke them in half. And he kept the halves to himself. So he proceeded erase the Oblivion realm, but preserved himself, Shelley, Sardo and Butch in a new realm called Nowhere. The group then return home when Max draws his bedroom door and enter the real world through that. Upon returning home, Shelley and Max convince their mother that Sardo is piano repairman who had taken the piano to his shop to be tuned, and that Max had not cleaned his room because he had spent the afternoon trying (and finally succeeding) in befriending Butch.


  • Daniel Clark also appeared in the Goosebumps television show. He portrayed Mark Rowe in the two part episode "How I got My Shrunken Head".
  • Daniel Clark, became very well known for his long recurring appearance as Sean Cameron in Degrassi: The Next Generation.

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