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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Max Keegan is a character created by Gary & Frank. He appeared in the two part story arc: "The Tale of Cutter's Treasure".


Max is the younger brother of Rush Keegan. He and his brother used to be close and they would hang out regularly. Then as time went on, his older brother became a teenager. Therefore his brother became more interested in spending time with girlfriend Sandy, than hanging out with him. He was also best friends with a boy his age named: Tony. He and Tony enjoyed playing pirates. Little did he know, was that he and his brother were actually long time descendants of a reformed pirate named: Ian Keegan.

He also enjoyed messing with his older brother, humiliating him and playing pranks on him. Recently he and his friend Tony saw that his brother Rush was making out with his girlfriend Sandy outside. He noticed that they were sitting on a blanket near the lawn sprinkler. So he and Tony quietly turned on the sprinkler and got them wet. Sandy got humiliated and went home, while his brother got angry at him. Then he and Tony ran off laughing.

Also the following weekend, his parents were going away on a bicycle riding trip. So he and his brother were being left in the care of their babysitter Mrs. Gregory. He and his brother didn't like her. They thought that she was boring and smelled like fish. So after their parents left, his brother promised him that if he helped him fool Mrs. Gregory into leaving them alone, he could do whatever he wanted. So when Mrs. Gregory came over, he and his brother worked together and successfully tricked Mrs. Gregory into believing they were sick with the measles. So Mrs. Gregory left them alone thinking they were contagious and that their parents were staying home to take care of them.

Afterwards, he was greatly disappointed to find out his brother fooled him and had no intention to spend the weekend hanging out with him. Feeling cheated, he was tempted to call their parents and confess that they fooled their babysitter. So to keep his mouth shut, he asked for his brother to buy him a Shandu magic kit from Sardo's Magic Mansion.

When his brother bet him the kit, he also brought home a mysterious spyglass. He didn't realize that this telescope belonged to his great-great-grandfather Ian Keegan. His brother retrieved it while opening a locked chest at Sardo's Magic Mansion. This also summoned several ghosts: Captain Jonah Cutter who was looking a final duel. Mr. Noise a kidnapper and loyal lackey of Captain Jonas Cutter. Last but not least, Ian Keegan who wanted to make sure his descendants were safe.

That night he was playing with the spyglass. Suddenly, the spyglass started to spin around in circles. He mentioned how weird it was to his brother. But his brother didn't care, Sandy was over. So his brother just wanted to spend the evening with her. So he was told several times to go away.

When he went back to his bedroom, he dropped the spyglass and it rolled under his bed. He bent over to pick it up. Then suddenly, an arm grabbed him! The person grabbing him laughed with insanity. Until his sleeve feel off revealing itself to be a skeleton. He screamed his head off crying for his brother's help.

When his brother came to check on him, the being under his bed was gone. His brother was now fed up with always trying to get his attention and making Sandy go home. His brother got really mad at him, saying he didn't want see him or hear him anymore.

Then a little later, when he was home alone, something outside called to him. He was placed into a trance to enter Mr. Noise's rowboat. When his brother came home he found him and broke him out of the trance. When they got back home, both Mr. Noise and Captain Jonas Cutter showed up and kidnapped him. A note was left on the wall. It informed his brother that the pirates had him. So he needed to show up for a duel.

Soon his brother accepted his destiny to be the chosen one, so armed with a magical dagger his brother went looking for him. He was found by his brother locked inside a giant cage. He and his brother apologized and made amends.

Then when Captain Cutter got his brother off guard, he retrieved the magical dagger and gave it back to Rush. His brother decided to tie Captain Cutter to a throne in vines. Then after breaking the dagger, Captain Jonas Cutter's ghost was now trapped forever in the crypt. Then he his brother escaped. Then the ghost of Ian Keegan told him and his brother that he was very proud of them. Afterwards, he and his brother made it back home safe and sound. Also Dr. Vink gave both him and his brother a very valuable gem for their troubles.

Then he and his brother decided not to tell their parents about their incredible adventure. Or to tell anyone else about Cutter's treasure. So nobody would go looking for it and end up encountering Captain Cutter's ghost who would be eagerly looking forward to another battle!

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