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Megan was a member of the New Midnight Society portrayed by Elisha Cuthbert.



Megan is a rich kid who is not very comfortable in the woods. She would rather hold the New Midnight Society Meetings in her own, well-managed, backyard. Tucker, not being the stickler his brother was, lets Megan refurnish the campfire with a comfortable old couche and a swivel chair. She seems to have a soft spot for Andy.


Megan's stories have little in common though most seem to somehow involve romance. Sometimes she brings a prop or starts a brief game relating to her story.


  1. The Tale of the Gruesome Gourmets
  2. The Tale of the Walking Shadow
  3. The Tale of the Secret Admirer
  4. The Tale of the Stone Maiden
  5. The Tale of the Lunar Locusts