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Michael is a character created by Gary. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of a Door Unlocked".


Michael is the younger brother of Justin and the older brother of Maryjo. He and his friends have a club, where new members have to take part in an initiation. The initiation was to enter the old Alberts' Mansion, and sit on old man Alberts' chair upstairs. Then he and the other members when jump out dressed as bedsheet ghosts. Then see how if they were brave enough to stay sitting down. The Alberts' Mansion was an old decrepit and condemned Victorian era mansion up on a hill. The place was literally falling apart and wasn't safe to be in. So his mother forbid him from being in there. Also his older brother would give him grief when he would catch him there. He would often accuse his brother for being a snitch and spy for their mother.

During the events of the story, a boy his age named: Brad Ruler and his older sister Ashley recently enrolled in his school. He immediately befriended Brad, and invited him to join his club. So he and his friends did an initiation at the Alberts' mansion. Before he left, he told his younger sister Maryjo, not to tell their brother where he went.

Originally in the Alberts' Mansion a fire broke out, when he accidentally dropped a lit candle, at the end of the initiation. During the fire, Brad's sister Ashley (unaware of the fire) had gone into the old mansion looking for her brother, to bring him home for dinner. Then she would have died in the fire.

However, his older brother Justin had recently been to Sardo's Magic Mansion. There Justin had bought a small wooden door. The door showed Justin visions from the future. In which Brad's sister was going to die in the fire. His brother tried to warn her before, but he didn't get the chance to tell her face to face.

Soon enough, his brother needed to where he was. Since Justin realized that the fire was going to happen soon. So he convinced their younger sister to tell him where he was. His brother knew he wouldn't get there in time. then Justin figured out that the small door had a key that read "IN". So his brother used the key and was teleported to where Ashley was in the burning mansion was. Then it turned that Sardo had the other door. Which had the "OUT" key. In the nick of time, Sardo was informed on what to do. So Sardo used the "OUT" key and an escape door appeared. This enabled his brother and Ashley to escape from the fire in time.


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