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This good character is a hero.

Michael is a character created by Andy. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Last Dance".


Michael lives a town called: Warrenville. He is an athletic person. But also he is slightly cocky, arrogant and a bit obnoxious. His girlfriend Tara Martin is violinist and a classical musician. He however finds classical music to be boring and outdated.

During the events of the story, his town's old big recreational center was literally beginning to fall apart. Instead of renovating the building, it was going to be torn down. In its place a new strip mall was going to be built.

During the center's last week, Tara was performing a violin recital. The recital was very long. So he was beginning to fall asleep. Suddenly he couldn't take it anymore. So he took off. Tara noticed this right away. So it made her feeling upset and discouraged for the rest of her performance.

Later on he met with Tara, Scot and Jane in the cafeteria. Here they discussed the program the building was having the night before it was to be torn down called: "The Last Dance". Seeing him, Tara was mad and pushed him away. She assumed that he left to go work out. He apologized saying that he needed to go do something. Since he couldn't stand sitting down the whole time. Jane snapped at him about the fact that he should have been supportive, by watching the whole recital. He apologized again saying that he can't stand old classical music. Also that he didn't believe that there was a future for her playing classical music. The whole time that he and his friends were talking, an unseen creature was stalking Tara from a ceiling vent above. Then suddenly the tiles broke and almost fall on them. He and Scot managed to cover Tara and Jane just in time.

In the locker room, Scot told him that he had been very rude and unsupportive to Tara. He said that he was just trying to be truthful to her. He just wanted to make sure that she didn't get her hopes up. Because many talented people, just end up busking for money. Although he did believe that she was talented. He just didn't want to see the same thing happen to her. Then suddenly Scot noticed that a huge tear on the back of his leather jacket. He was furious to see that someone or something had torn it.

Later in the cafeteria, he was informed that someone had just stolen his girlfriend's violin. She was very upset. Since the security couldn't do much to help her find it. Instead he was more upset about his torn jacket. Which he had paid a lot of money for. Then he suggested that she rent one of them. Tara got mad for him being so insensitive. Because a violin is a valuable thing. You cannot just rent them like they are bowling shoes.

That evening, the last dance program began. Tara was still upset because she still had not found her violin. He on the other hand, just wanted them to all enjoy the party and have fun. For being so insensitive, Tara just stormed off and left. Jane told him that he was such a doofus and went to find her. He then finally realized that she was upset because she couldn't perform.

Twenty minutes later, he and Scot went off to find Tara and Jane. Since they had been gone for so long. They found Jane drenched in red paint. Jane was sobbing and tense. Jane mentioned that something came out from the ceiling vent and captured Tara. Seeing red paint footprints, he began to follow them. They lead to the ventilation tunnels. Then he crawled around them to see where Tara could be.

He proceeded to crawl through the air ventilation shaft for a while. He eventually came to a halt near a specific area. He heard her music playing. So he realized that he was close to finding her. She was captured by a mutant creature known as the Lurker. The Lurker lived a secret life behind the walls of the recreational center. Over the years the Lurker secretly watched his girlfriend grow up to become an amazingly talented young woman. Since the building was going to be torn down, the Lurker wanted to finally meet her. Then listen to her personally perform for him.

The Lurker said that she played beautifully. Therefore anyone who couldn't see that was a fool. He just happened to be standing outside. So he overheard them talking about him. Now he felt awful when he heard The Lurker say that he didn't appreciate her and her talent. Getting carried away, The Lurker then asked her to stay with him underground. So he finally decided to step in and rescue her.

Seeing him The Lurker got angry and began to scream! The Lurker locked Tara in a gate against the wall. Then he approached him, and tried to get him to let her go. The Lurker refused, because he didn't want her going back to someone who didn't love her and appreciate her talent. He then threatened him to let her go immediately or else. The Lurker ran off with the violin telling him to catch him if he could.

He helped her out and he carefully tried to lead them back to the surface. When suddenly The Lurker ambushed them on the bridge. The Lurker snapped at him. He told him that he wouldn't let him take her. Now they began wrestling and pushing each other back and forth. Tara screamed for them to stop fighting. Then Suddenly The Lurker, tripped and fell over the bridge. The Lurker was now hanging for his life on the railing (possibly about to fall into a bottomless pit).

Tara got really upset. So she begged him to help her pull him up. Then he ran up at the last second and helped pull him back up and saved him. The Lurker apologized for what he did and ran off. Tara asked him why he saved him. Returning her violin to her and said that he did it for her. Tara was so happy that he saved her new friend, they reunited and hugged.

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