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This is a good character.

Mike appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Crimson Clown".


Mike wants to buy his mother the perfect gift. When Mike goes to the store, his brother stole all of his money and spent it on a Zeebo themed video game, leaving Mike with no money to buy a present. Mike immediately tried to return the game, but the toy store was already closing for the day.

Mike, was angry for his brother stealing his money and being so selfish and ruining their mother's birthday. Then he looked for a way to scare his brother, sees a clown rag-doll on the store shelf. Mike tells Sam that, anytime he does something bad, the Crimson Clown is watching and it will take all of the bad kids away.

When they got home, his mother was furious about them coming in so late. Sam got him into trouble, lying that Mike went to see his friends and didn't care about losing track of time.

Then later on, as a manifestation of his emotions of rage, jealously, anger and resentment for his younger brother, the Crimson Clown came into existence within the vessel of the toy store's clown doll. Then time and time again it tormented and teased him and almost took him away.

That's when Sam begged it for another chance and he sincerely apologized for all of his wrongdoing. Then the Crimson Clown reverted back time. So he ended never losing his money, and was able to buy their mother the beautiful birthday present.


Mike is more good-natured than his brother. He is kind and cares deeply about making his mother happy. Although at times it can be seen that he’s full of rage and resentment for his younger spoiled brother.


  • Christopher Redman also portrayed Simon.

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