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This good character is a hero.

"Why do you keep coming after me!?"

Mike Buckley is a character created by David. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Shiny Red Bicycle".


Mike is a young man who enjoys fishing with his friends and family. He and his younger brother Ben are close. When he was younger he lost his best friend Ricky Hagerty When he fell off a bridge and into a raging river. He tried his best to pull him and save him, but he just could not. Then off and on for the next five years he was haunted by nightmares and traumatizing flashbacks because he couldn’t save his friend and was overwhelmed with guilt.

Soon he started seeing the ghost of his old friend appearing and calling out to him. At first he was horrified thinking that Ricky was an evil ghost and wanted to take him down, as revenge for not saving him. Some people he knew thought he was going crazy, and some people just thought he was hallucinating from exhaustion and stress.

He and his brother planned to sneak out early on a weekend morning and go fishing together, while their parents went grocery shopping. But he ended up sleeping in, and their dad drove his brother to the river without him.

When he woke up, he finally decided to face Ricky's ghost one and for all and find out what he wanted. When he encountered Ricky, the ghost of his dear friend appeared to be soaked and frozen. He surprisingly and happily found out that Ricky was not mad at him. Instead Ricky was grateful that he tried to save his life. Also that Ricky could never harm him, since he is his best friend.

Ricky had only come to warn him that he had a vision that his younger brother, was about to die in an accident at the river. So Ricky loaned him his shiny red bicycle to hurry over to the river and save him. Then he and Ricky told each other that they missed each other and had their final goodbye.

After he saved his brother in time, he amazingly saw that the shiny red bicycle changed. It became rusted, bent out of shape and warped.

Then soon afterwards, a fisherman finally found the body of his old dear friend.


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