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Mina the Guardian is a character created by Tucker. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Guardian's Curse".


3000 years ago Mina had been a Queen of Egypt as well as an Egyptian goddess. The people of Egypt believed that every spring she would use her Ring of Eternity to bring forth life from the earth. As good and pure a being as she was, also she was said to be vindictive at times too. It was said that she had the power to turn her enemies into stone. She passed away from some unknown reason which was never revealed. Soon after her death, she was mummified, embalmed and preserved and placed into a sarcophagus. Then she was buried inside a pyramid with many of her treasured belongings.

Then in 1921, after a couple thousand years, robbers broke into the burial chamber. They stole many of her belongings and including her own Sarcophagus. Her Sarcophagus held her mummified and somewhat preserved body. For many years the sarcophagus remained missing, until one day in the 1990s when a group of work men tore down what was believed to be a false wall in the basement of ancient historical museum. Possibly years ago the thieves had hidden her in there not knowing one day the building would become a museum.

The two archaeologists Professor Dugan and Dr. Capel-Smith confirmed it was her. Professor Dugan wanted to do the right thing and have her Sarcophagus safely brought to a Museum in Egypt. Dr. Capel-Smith was greedy and sought out her treasured item the Ring of Eternity to gain immortality.

Soon Professor Dugan's children Josh and Cleo luckily found her Elixir of Life as well as her Ring of Eternity. In the process of carrying them home to show their father, they accidentally spilled some of the elixir on Mina's mummified hand. This caused her to became reanimated and partly alive again. Her ring's curse eventually transformed Dr. Capel-Smith into an Egyptian stone statue for eternity.

Josh Dugan figured out that since the elixir was poured onto her finger first that the ring would work properly. So after the ring was put onto her finger, she regenerated and came back to life as her old self again. The ring of eternity and the elixir of life were safely returned to her. Then she and professor Dugan seemed to have immediately taken a liking for each other.


  • She was the only mummy to ever be featured within the entire series.

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