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Miss Clove is a character created by David. She appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Twisted Claw".


Not much is known about her past, just that she is old woman who lives in a big old creepy house and that most people suspect she is a witch. She lived a life of loneliness and seclusion and not many people would stop by and visit her. Also she was usually the subject of cruel jokes and torment played by children around the time on Hallowe'en.

One night two boys Dougie Freeman and his friend Kevin stopped by her house and played a prank on her. They ran her doorbell and when she answered she was sprayed in the face with shaving cream. She then backed into an expensive looking vase, which fell down and smashed on the hardwood floor, and the two boys run away. Then she walked out onto the porch and wiped her shaving cream covered glasses, looking very angry. But soon, a mischievous smile crossed her face and she cackled crazily, as if to say "You'll get what is coming to you sooner than you think!"

She didn't clean the vase up, possibly because she giving the two boys a chance to redeem themselves and offer to come over and apologize and do it for her but that never happened. Instead the next night on Hallowe'en, no trick or treaters stopped by her house, possibly they were all too scared of her. Until Dougie and Kevin decided to stop by so they could say they actually did.

She seemed pleased to see them, because they were the only two nice enough to stop by her house on Hallowe'en night. Then as a reward she insisted they take a carved wooden vulture's claw that would grant them both 3 wishes. Before they left she warned them to be careful what they wished for.

Her gift caused them to first be encountered by mean bullies who took their candy and tried to chase them down and beat them up. Second, help kevin beat the school's top athlete in a 600 race, however this victory came with a price. It caused the person who was supposed to win (Bostick) to trip over a dog who ran by causing him to fall down and injure his leg.

Third, when they were arguing over what to do about the Twisted Claw, Kevin frustrated, accidentally wished Dougie would lose his parents causing them to get involved in a car crash. Fourth it caused Dougie to accidentally wish for his deceased wise grandpa to return from the grave to come over and give him advice.

Finally the boys wished they never pulled their prank on her and broke her vase. Then all their wishes were reversed like they never happened. Next she stopped by and left on Dougie's front steps, her vase with a note saying "Trick or Treat" as if to ask: "have you two learned your lesson yet?". Then she is heard cackling away in the background of her big creepy house.


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