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Mon Petit Rouge is a character created by Kristen. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Hungry Hounds".


For generations the Pease family has owned a farm in the country. In the past, this family raised hunting hounds and hosted annual fox hunt races. In 1963, the family caught him to be used in an upcoming fox hunt race.

The eldest children Dora took a shine to him and named him: Mom Petit Rouge. She would regularly check on him and feed him. The morning of the race, she went to the barn to check on him. There she could see him looking so scared and upset. She felt sorry for him, so she decided to set him free. So she opened his cage. Then the smell of him drove the hounds: Bounder, Rexy, Helga, and Brutus crazy and greatly increased their appetites.

However, before she could feed the hounds, He got scared and ran off into the woods. She knew the hunters were already out, so she went after him. She got all saddled up and got onto her horse Mirage and chased after him, to make sure he got through the woods safely. Then suddenly the sun glared into her horses eyes. So Dora missed a jump, and both she and Mirage fell down and died from a nasty fall.

Years later in 1992, when Dora's ghost possessed her niece Pam she and her cousin Amy Pease traveled back in time to 1963. Their mission was to help Dora fulfill her unfinished business of finally feeding the hungry hounds. So Dora's ghost would no longer be tormented by hearing them bark at her.

When Amy got the bags of kibble out, it spilled all over the floor. When the hounds were let out of their pen, they were so hungry, that they ignored the kibble and went after Amy. So Amy climbed on top of a bail of hay trying to kick them away as they kept trying to get close and bite her. Then he suddenly showed up and lead them away, enabling Amy to get out of the barn unharmed. Then Dora mounted her house to lead him away to safety.

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