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This is a good character as well as a victim!

Montana is a character created by Kiki. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Unexpected Visitor".


Montana is the loving dog of the Sherman family. His owners are: Mr. Sherman who is a brilliant computer programmer, and his loving wife Mrs. Sherman. Along with their two sons. Jeff: a teenager who dreams of becoming a rock musician. As well as their younger son Bobby who is just nine-years-old.

For the past while, Mr. Sherman had been working on a sophisticated computer program. It was called: The Peabody Project. It was a program designed to send messages to planets through satellites all across the galaxy. Then it would wait to see if any beings would reply to the messages. This would prove that there was indeed, signs of intelligent life on other planets.

One evening, when the parents were out Jeff and his best friend Perch went downstairs to the computer lab. Jeff intended to use the satellite system to intercept a radio station. Then try and score him and Perch free concert tickets. To their favorite band: World War 4. When Jeff left to check on his brother Perch fooled around with the Peabody Project. Perch ended up typing in a random co-ordinate. Then Perch sent a high note musical message clear across the galaxy.

In no time at all, a Yellow Light Alien came to Earth. Later that night when the family was sleeping, he heard a noise outside. It piqued his interest. So he picked up his squeeze toy and went outside to play. When suddenly it was captured in a yellow light spider web.

His family was really worried about him and had a hard time finding him. The next night, Perch, Jeff and Bobby all looked around yard for him. When first Bobby got captured and soon Perch did too. Jeff found he and the other two boys sealed in tubes inside a spaceship. Perch pointed out to Jeff that high musical tones could open them. So Jeff recorded a high tone on his boombox and played it to open the tubes and free them.

Soon another another Yellow Light Alien arrived. It turned out to be the other alien's mother. She revealed to them that her son came to Earth after he heard Perch's message. The Yellow Light Alien's language is a series of high note and low note musical sounds. Therefore the high note message Perch sent meant in their language: "We are toys". So her son only wanted to play with them, and he actually meant no harm. So the mother Alien took her son and returned back home. Afterwards he went back home and he was safe and sound again.

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