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Mr. & Mrs. Taylor are characters created by David. They appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Hatching".


Mr. Taylor & Mrs. Taylor ran a boarding school, called The Black Brook School. Soon they had two new students. They were siblings Augie Wilson and his sister Jasmine "Jazz" Wilson. They were temporarily attending their boarding school for six months, while their parents were away on business.

They were both reasonable and fair to their students, however they gave their school strict rules. The main rule was, nobody was allowed to play any device (boombox, Walkman, game boy) they would emit a high pitched sound. They would only allowed a device to set off a low gentle sound such as the bells that would announce class changes and wake up calls.

Mr. Taylor and his wife, were both highly sensitive to high pitched sounds. When either of them heard one, they would begin to develop an earsplitting and agonizing migraine headache. During dinnertime, all the students would eat a strange type of rice pudding called Spunge, every night for dessert. Augie considered trying it but reconsidered and both he and his sister never ate any of it.


OOh itchy! yuck!

Then one night, all the student who had eaten the Spunge woke up in a trance. Then they went down into the basement of the school. This was where they fertilized some football sized eggs in the pool, by steadily sprinkling a type of powder onto them. The two siblings follow them, and played along with their fellow students, so they wouldn't be suspected.

Then very soon, the siblings overheard them talking and found out that Mr. and Mrs. Taylor were really reptile aliens. They saw them peeling their fake human skins off to scratch their itchy green scales. Because It turns out, that they were the last of their kind, and came up with the brilliant idea of running a fake boarding school to lure the students in and fed them the Spunge to brainwash them.

Then soon, they caught Augie and Jasmine spying on them, realizing they hadn't been eating their Spunge and saw them as a threat that could expose them. They chased them all the wat down to the dark damp sewers of the basement. Thinking they've lead them to an inescapable


Their mother alien master!

trap. Then they manically told them all about their ingenious plan of how they brainwashed the students with the Spunge to take care and nurse of the eggs for them.

Then they revealed that the eggs would soon hatch and populate the earth. Also, since they are carnivores the newborn babies will immediately feed on the children who took care of them. Then it turned the basement sewer they chased them down to had a closing gate. They locked the gate shut and announced they've lead them to where they lead all other misbehaved students. The tunnel where their master, the huge mother alien was!

They watched insanely as their huge mother alien master was slowly closing in to eat Augie and Jazz. However, Augie remembered how high-pitched sounds effected the Taylor's. Therefore, Augie plugged his Walkman into a speaker and instructed Jazz to turn the volume up to full blast. Mr. Taylor begged them not to, then they filled the area with full blast earsplitting music.

This caused their master to die by exploding and splashing green slime everywhere. Also Mr. and Mrs. Taylor died too and nothing more remained of them but their clothes and green concentrated slime too. Afterwards, it seemed that all their eggs were destroyed too. However one last egg survived and it begun to move as if it were like about to hatch!


  • Philip Spensley also portrayed Vince.

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