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This is a Misunderstood Character.

Mr. Ankers is a character created by Frank. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Full Moon".


He has a twin brother named Gordon, whom he looks very much like. Long before the events of the episode, his brother was either bitten by a werewolf. Or he just got a condition called lycanthropy. Which is known to make the person uncontrollably transform into a creature that is part wolf part human known as a werewolf.

He and helped his bother live a secret and secluded life being all cooped up in the house. This would be where he would patiently wait for the transformations to wear off. Also to make sure that nobody was killed or injured, and that nobody's property was damaged.

He and his brother soon moved to a new neighborhood. He bought the house next to the house where a boy named Jed Harris lived. Here he continued to keep Gordon hidden. Also to help control his brother's urges, he feed him meat from the lost pets he found in the neighborhood.

He was unaware that Jed and his friend Hughie Downs were self employed pet detectives. So they became suspicious of him, when they found all the missing pets' collars and licenses outside his door. Also because Jed sneaked inside his house and saw that his refrigerator was full of nothing but raw red meat.

Then one night, during the full moon his brother embraced the moon and transformed. When Jed was spying on him, from his bedroom, Jed saw this and misunderstood him for being the werewolf and became very afraid.

Also he soon met Jed's recently divorced mother Ellen and they fell in love and begun dating, When he came over to Jed's house for dinner one evening, Jed was very cold and unpleasant to him. Jed kept on accusing him of eating pets and coming from Transylvania. He was not mad, he was very polite and patient about hearing the accusations. Then Jed poked him in the hand with a silver fork. Then Jed opened the curtain, thinking he would transform. But much to Jed's shock and surprise, he did not.

Ellen profusely apologized to him for Jed's behavior, he accepted the apology and took her out for coffee. When he and Ellen were out for coffee, Jed still had a hunch that he may have been hiding something. Jed and Hughie broke into his house to try to and prove that a werewolf did live in the neighborhood. That night another full moon also took place. So his brother eventually transformed, and encountered the boys.

He came home just as Hughie got too scared ran away. He was not mad that they broke into his house. He seemed understanding of their curiosity. He stood up for his brother. He explained who Gordon was and informed him that he was family. Also that he doesn't have the heart to have him euthanized. He quickly helped Jed realize that his brother was fairly harmless. Also it turned out Ellen already knew about his brother from the start. She was afraid at first, but she soon became supportive and understanding. Just as soon Jed did too.

Soon he and Ellen happily got married and they all moved in together. Everything for him worked out: He got his own family, and Jed finally got himself a dog. This was because when his brother is transformed, he acts like the equivalent of a dog.


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