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Mr. Chin the Cook is a minor character created by Andy. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Misfortune Cookie".


The Emerald Garden restaurant, was a Chinese restaurant that was run by the entire Lee family: The husband and wife, the elderly Grandfather, and their two children: David and Theresa. During the events of the story, the restaurant was doing poorly facing rough times. Therefore the family placed an advertisement in the newspaper to hire another part-time cook. Therefore the family would soon have more help.

Recently the son David had been bestowed a gift from his Grandfather. The gift was a small wooden box. In which it contained Six beautiful golden fortune cookies. It was unbeknownst to anybody that the fortune cookies were magical. Therefore they could grant wishes and alter reality. During this time David was fed up with slaving away in his family's restaurant and never getting a break for himself.

Suddenly David had opened one by mistake. The fortune in the cookie told him: "One should find perfect existence, through imperfect existence".

Suddenly David was taken by a warrior representing his own bad side into an alternate world. One where David was born but not ever as a member of the Lee family. So being short handed Mr. and Mrs. hired Mr. Chin as their other cook. Since he turned out to be a professional cook, this proved to be a very wise choice. Mr. Chin lead the restaurant to fame and success. This changed Mr. and Mrs. Lee into rich snobs.

Eventually David had decided that him having everything he really wanted was not worth it, if it meant giving up his family was the only way to get it. Therefore David's good side won. This defeated the bad side warrior.

So reality was restored to the way that it was, and David was a member of the Lee family again. Suddenly Mr. Chin came in to apply for the job of becoming their new part-time cook. David had remembered him from the alternate reality, and he had a very good hunch about him. Therefore David convinced his parents to just hire him right on the spot.


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