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Mr. Click is a character created by Vange. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Zombie Dice".


Mr. Click, was an evil and sadistically sinister man. He was a professional gamer, who was often overconfident at playing games and could tell if someone had potential.

He ran an after school hangout called "Click's Emporium", which was opened till 6:00 pm daily. A place in which children and teenagers would play all sorts of recreational games and video games and buy snacks and soda. 

He discovered a method to own possession of a person's thumbprint. How he found out the way to do this is unknown. He was assisted by a man named Klimbo, whom he constantly berated and mistreated.

What he would do, is he would find a worthy opponent. Then he would challenge them to a dice tossing game called "Zombie Dice". The dice each had a red skull on them. The challenger would have to throw both of the dice three times. If a skull appeared even once during the throws, the challenger would lose. If the challenger won, he or she would get a reward, like a free run of the emporium for a year. However, if the challenger lost he would win their thumbprint.

His assistant Klimbo would instruct the loser to place his or her thumb on the screen of a pedestal.

However, it turns out if you win someone's thumbprint you own them. Ergo, he would shrink them down to miniature size. Then he would trap them in small cage like boxes. Then mail them all over the world. They would be mailed to buyers who would pay huge amounts of money for a unique little pet human. Although as he said most of them didn't survive the trip to the buyer.

When he challenged Tate to play the game, Tate, always enjoying a gamble and never backing down from a challenge took him on. Tate almost won too, until he lost on his third throw. Then he informed Tate what was going to happen to him, and prepared to have him shipped off to Australia.

Later on Tate's careful and cautious friend Alex and his brother came looking for him and found him. Mr. Click agreed that if he won a game of Zombie Dice he would let Tate go. But if Alex lost, he would own his thumbprint too.

Alex agreed to the game, but to be sure it wasn't rigged, he insisted that Mr. Click roll the dice instead. Mr. Click agreed. He took a very long time and he rolled it three times and won. He was about to have Klimbo take Alex away to capture his thumbprint. Then Alex begged for another game and he agreed.

Alex bet him that he could drink two mugs of soda, before Click could finish one small glass. All Alex wanted was a head start to be fair, and Mr. Click couldn't pick up the glass until Alex finished the first mug. Mr. Click only agreed if Alex would drink three mugs. Alex then had him raise the stakes.

Ergo if Alex won he'd get Mr. Click's thumbprint, Mr. Click overconfident with himself agreed. Alex drank the first mug very slowly and Mr. Click was sure Alex would lose. Then Alex placed his empty mug upside down on top of Mr. Click's glass. Ergo since he couldn't touch Alex's mug, Alex would finish before he did. Mr. Click was furious and mentioned how it was unfair, he was reminded by Alex that it was fair because he agreed to it.

Mr. Click complained because he felt Alex was cheating and wouldn't allow it. Then to his shock, Tate was freed and informed him that Alex was the winner and he was the loser.

Mr. Click tried to make a run for it, in the basement he tried to pack up and leave in a hurry and pushed Klimbo around for the last time. Klimbo got fed up with him and closed in on him. 

Then in a big bright flash of light Alex, Andre and Tate asked Klimbo where Mr. Click was. Klimbo smiled and said game is over and showed them the small box and headed off with him securely locked in the box.

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