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Mr. Doyle is a character created by Quinn. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Reanimator.


Mr. Doyle, is a brilliant scientist and botanist. A year before the events of the episode, his wife passed away from some unexplained cause. He did extensive research and experiments on plants. He also ran a flower and plant shop, which made him so busy that he hired a teenage girl named Julie. He hired her to watch the shop while he did his research and experiments.

He soon trusted Julie enough, to share the secrets of his newest experiment. He invented a type of super fertilizer serum. One that regenerated DNA and brought organisms back to life. He exampled this, but pouring some serum onto a dead plant, and instantaneously the plant became perfectly healthy.

However, there was a flaw in his experiment. The problem was that the organism would become wild and dependent on the serum. If the organism doesn't get more, eventually it will die again. Also, when applying hot water to the organism, the effects of the serum would deplete and it would die again.

Julie figured out, that he was considering using it to try and bring his wife back to life. Soon later that night, he came back to his laboratory, confused as to why Julie and her brother Peter and their friend Jake were there.

He was shown the remains of dead reanimated. He then figured out Julie must have stole some of his serum, to show to her brother Peter to find out how to stop him. Instead, Peter didn't believe her and thought it was a joke. Therefore he accidentally reanimated a murderer.

He was horrified and shocked when he saw the dead zombie's body. Therefore he realized that with the serum in the wrong hands, there was no telling of the dangers it could cause. He then realized it was his fault and he never should have tried to play god and tamper with fate. He decided to once and for all cancel the experiment.

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