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Mr. Kristoph is a character created by Frank. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Midnight Madness.


He is the greedy and selfish manager of the "Rialto" movie theater. The movie theater he manages is known for playing classic old-fashioned vintage black and white movies. These were popular at time, but due to the lack of interest upon the 1990s children's generation the interest in this theater dropped significantly. The customers he was getting were mostly senior citizens, but as time progressed, less and less would keep appearing. Mostly just the same senior citizen: a blonde woman in a red hat.

He soon got word from his bosses (the owners) that they were considering closing the theater down. He gave word to his two employees: Pete Matt A young man who loved classic vintage black and white movies. And Katie Hollaran: A young woman who worked at the theater just as means for employments. Katie seemed to accept the fact the theater would close, because she planned to apply at another movie theater. But Pete started a petition to keep the theater open and declare it a historical landmark.

One night, when business was doing poorly he was visited by Dr. Vink. Dr. Vink showed interest in his retro movie theater and offered him his help. Dr. Vink gave him and his employees a copy of a film he produced years ago. It was a silent movie about demon vampire named Nosferatu. And in the movie, the vampire wins!

He was guaranteed that if started playing this movie, the viewers would just love it and they would keep coming back to see it again. Also that his fortunes would significantly increase. The only thing Dr. Vink wanted from him in return, was one night a week to play his other movies. At first he didn't believe Dr. Vink's movie could do this. So said that if the movie could bring in that much success, he would give Dr. Vink three nights a week and profits from the snack sales. Dr. Vink told him all he was interested in was his movie theater.

A short time later, one night the movie projector broke. So in a last-ditch effort, his employees start showing Dr. Vink's movie. It was a terrifying movie, but also a complete success. The horror movie brought in so much business that his bosses chose not to sell the theater after all. Also with the newfound success, he got overwhelmed with greed. And he got approval to start showing new and better movies in the theater. So he did not make good on his deal with Dr. Vink and said no to him. But Dr. Vink vowed vengeance on him, for not keeping his end of the bargain.

Soon when Pete fell asleep watching the movie, and Dr. Vink allowed Nosferatu to escape fiction and enter the real world! First Nosferatu preyed upon him and bite him on the neck. He passed out unconscious. Soon enough Pete entered the movie, and defeated Nosferatu by exposing him to sunlight.

Then he was healed, changed back to normal and thought the whole ordeal he went through was just a bad dream. Then he apologized to Dr. Vink. And he decided to honor his end of the bargain: to give Dr. Vink his one night a week. Then much to he and his employees surprise, they find out that Dr. Vink has just purchased his theater. So now Dr. Vink's movie can play every night! Whether or not he stayed or quit working at the theater is unknown.


  • Harry Standjofski also portrayed Phil.

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