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Mr. Noise is a character created by Gary & Frank. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of Cutter's Treasure".


Not too much is known about Mr. Noise's past, other than the fact that he was one of Captain Jonas Cutter's loyal crew members and possibly his first mate. When and how he died is unknown and why he roams around as a pirate ghost.

He was summoned as an evil pirate ghost by Captain Jonas Cutter to kidnap Max Keegan. This was to lure Rush Keegan to come to the treasure crypt to have a fight with Captain Jonas Cutter. After a few failed attempts to catch Max himself, he broke into the Keegan's home and held Rush in a restrain. This allowed Captain Jonas Cutter to kidnap Max.

Later, Mr. Noise met up with Rush in the underground tunnels that lead to Captain Jonas Cutter's treasure room. He tricked Rush into thinking he was Max in disguise. This allowed Rush to let his guard down and trip down and fall. Just as he was about to kill Rush with his cutlass, Rush used the power of his dagger and blasted him with an energy blast. This zapped Mr. Noise on the head and instantly vanished into thin air and he wasn't seen again.


  • Mark Bromilow also portrayed Nazrak.

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