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Mr. Olshak is a minor character created by Sam. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Long Ago Locket".


Mr. Olshak is a very intelligent historian and antique dealer. He also buys and collects valuable historical artifacts. During the events of the story a young man named Jimmy Armstrong came to see him.

Jimmy had recently started entering a time slip when he entered the local woods. This took Jimmy back to the revolutionary war, when there was a battle between the American Minuteman and the British Redcoats in those woods. It was called the battle of Harrisville. It was also where Jimmy had met a runaway Minuteman who wanted to be shown the path to Harrisville for a safe escape.

Jimmy brought with him an old antique button he found. He identified the button, to be from an American Minuteman's Uniform from the American Revolutionary War. Also he was also really surprised. Since usually when people bring in things that they have found, the items are usually old or rusted or decayed. But the button looked brand new. It was almost as if a minuteman wore it that very day. This gave Jimmy a clue that he really was traveling to the past, when entering the woods.

Soon Jimmy visited his shop again. This time Jimmy brought with an old antique Minuteman's military knife. He identified the knife to also be from the American Revolutionary War. He first offered to buy it from him for $150.00 But Jimmy didn't want to sell it. Jimmy only wanted to know whose name was on the inscription. So he read it, to reveal that it said Lt. William. Feeling impressed with Jimmy's fascination in history, he lent one of his best history books. It was called: "Historic Harrisville County", there he could find more answers.

Thanks to him, Jimmy Learned from his book that the runaway Minuteman he met was named Lt. William. And during the Battle of Harrisville, Lt. William was captured by the British Red coats and executed by hanging for being a spy. So thanks to his book, Jimmy was able to find out when it history the execution was scheduled to happen. So Jimmy luckily traveled to the past and helped Lt. William escape, by showing him to the correct path he needed to follow.


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