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"You told me I could trust you Ross, but you had to play the game didn't you?"

Mr. Olson is a character created by Gary. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Pinball Wizard".


He is the evil owner of an electronic fix-it-shop at a shopping mall. Previously he had to fire his old employee Steven. Then he ends reluctantly giving Ross Campbell a chance to watch the shop for him late one afternoon when he goes out to lunch. On his way out, Mr. Olson specifically told him not touch his new pinball machine game. Ross gave Mr. Olson his word that he could trust him. But as soon as Mr. Olson left, Ross broke his promise and begun playing the new pinball game. He knew, because he could overhear him playing it on his way out.

When Ross played his new pinball game, it transported him into the fictional world of the plot of the pinball game. Which was a medieval game where the player had to find a throne and a tiara and crown the princess, before an evil witch, or an evil sheriff could crown either of themselves. Ross played the game out and won, thinking he would be freed at the end.

Later on, when Ross wins the game, Mr. Olson ends up trapping him inside the pinball machine as punishment for breaking his trust. How he is able to do this is completely unexplained. Some possible theories could be that, either he is a secretly a warlock or a slightly magical person who creates pinball machines as evil containment units and decides who to put into them. Then Mr. Olson starts a new game, which showed him about to send a huge silver pinball crashing into Ross. Ross had the hunch that now he would never get out!


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