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Mr. Ostrowski is a character created by Tucker. He appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Manaha".


He is the director of a summer camp called: Camp Towaki. he is a nice and pleasant man, who cares for the well being of his campers. He is in frequent touch with the forest ranger in the nearby forest. He always has his campers report to the Forest Ranger to inform him that they made it to the area safely. Also to report any accidents or injuries.

During the events of the story, a group of boys were going onto an overnight camping trip in the woods. The boys were, Alex, Eddy, Steve and Carl. He also had a younger camper named: Jonah. Jonah was smart and mature for his age, with a vast knowledge of camping and survival skills. So he gave him permission to go along as well.

He assigned his camp counsellor Lonnie to lead the boys. Lonnie was a short-tempered drill sergeant who took his job too seriously. He reminded Lonnie to have them check in with the Forest Ranger. As soon as they arrived in the assigned area.

When the boys and Lonnie went into the forest, Jonah mistakenly released an evil Shaman who used his flesh eating monsters Manaha to hunt around the forest. The Manaha captured the Forest Ranger, Lonnie and Eddy. So the Shaman could burn them in a sacrificial ritual. Luckily Jonah was able to eventually outsmart the Shaman and return him to his containment tomb.

It is unknown whether or not he ever found out about the Shaman, the Manaha. Along with what the boys had all gone through.

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