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Mr. Pimm & Mr. Collins are characters created by Megan. They appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Gruesome Gourmets".


Both of them are gourmet cooks, and make a living selling their own special pineapple cider. They both love eating and have huge appetites. They are believed to be cannibals. Since they always take a liking and notice to how much or how little muscle mass a person has and prefer the company of overweight and portly people. Also they always insist for their new guests to try some of their pineapple cider. This was mistaken by David and Tommy to be a roofie type drug. One to make their victims pass out and then cut them up and cook them as meals.

Also a few people such as a portly man and woman named Dotty entered their condo and disappeared it seemed that tablecloths and napkins were made from their clothes. Also they took a keen interest in a bully named Chuck who kept picking on and threatening two brothers David and Tommy. Chuck kept telling them he would burn them like toast if they didn't fix his car they accidentally damaged. They found toast to be an interesting and tasty idea.

Also in their apartment, they had pots big enough to fit a person inside of. David and Tommy saw huge cuts of meat in their freezer such as Steak Diane, Virginia Ham, Hamburger Patty believing them to be cuts of human meat! Also they were seen carrying together a huge parcel package into the building.

Soon they explained to the boys that they have a huge stove and pots and pans, because they are into gourmet cooking and have really big appetites. Mr. Collins explains that The Portly Man took one look at the huge stack of filthy pots and screamed and fainted. They just missed him, when he came to and left. 

Dotty came in just as they ask what happened to her and why they made napkins from her clothes. She also made them polka dot aprons to go with their napkins. Also their mom revealed that their pineapple cider was delicious and just bought a whole bottle. The boys felt bad and apologized to them sincerely. They gratefully accepted their apology and gave the huge package they brought in to David. David was thrilled and gratefully thanked them.

To celebrate their new friendship, the Messrs invited the family over for dinner that night. Mr. Pimm says it's a luau theme and had special place mats made. However they suspiciously looked just like the shirt Chuck was just wearing. Then they said they were having "Chuck" Steak on toast and laughed insanely.

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