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Mr. Poe is a character created by Gary. He appeared as a minor character in the episode "The Tale of the Renegade Virus".


Mr. Poe is a high school science teacher and a brilliant computer programmer. For months he had worked on a virtual reality program. One in which the person can see which place or period of time they want to visit and feel like they're really there. It is all controlled inside the person's mind. The person has three choices:

  1. A trip to the planet Saturn
  2. A trip to the middle ages as a knight of the round table.
  3. A trip to prehistoric times to see the dinosaurs.

When the program is set up, the person who tries out the game needs to lie down in a recliner chair. Then have a headset of goggles and headphones put on. He let two students in on his secret. Simon and his friend Evan. For months they begged him to let them try it out first. When he finally got it ready, he privately notified them. Then Simon volunteered to go first.

Simon chose The Knight's of the round table. So he began to set it up, while Evan monitored it while he answered he answered the phone. Just as he was about to start the game, he got a warning alert message that his computer had a virus in it. So he carefully removed the virus and safely ran the program. Or so he thought.

He was unaware that there was another virus inside the program. It was a renegade virus, who forged a gamepad port onto Simon's hand and attempted to enter his brain. Then the virus would be free to enter the real world and cause some real damage.

Luckily Simon figured out the abort code himself and got freed in time. Afterwards, he apologized to Simon saying he didn't know how the virus got in there. Simon knew Evan did it to get back at him, but he overlooked it and said nothing to him. Just that it must have been an accident.

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